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division two - the second unit (page 10) 
Posted on November 29, 2019 at 04:20 PM.
And so it was that when Lørd Âbbôtt finally called the meeting to order, it was right about then Dillwinkle and Dolfis started to realise their grave error in coming to the House. They started thinking they would not leave alive. The pansy read it in the patsy's eyes, it was obvious what he thought. ''Oh, we were so foolish to believe we could rise above our station in life without risking consequence'' thought Dolfis. ''Oh, why couldn't I be content in the PooStable?'' went Dolfis' lament. ''Oh, the end is here, the end is near!'' came a silent cry from Dillwinkle's eyes. And again from Dillwinkle, ''my last is at last, and nary a morsel of cheese in my butt pouch!'' Dillwinkle started to openly weep while Dolfis was locked in frozen terror with Lådy Dęvïllïą's offset stare, for her eyes betrayed her and he now knew why they had been called to the House. And the two had the same final thought, ''what a waste of a fine new pair of sandals for our feet.'' But the patsy and the pansy could not be more wrong this time than they would be so wrong the next time. Then Lørd Âbbôtt began with ''I appreciate the other Lørds of this fine and great House, the most powerful and esteemed House of any in the whole of the midworld, or the outside world, for that matter. All of you Lørds today know why we're here, and I assume your beautifully intelligent Lådies know as well. The only matter at hand is to inform our two most welcome guests of the great opportunity that lies within their fingertips grasp. And to proffer them any advice from any Lørd that would like one last, and your only chance, at that. Without further delay, I give you the most honourable and humble servants to our long-suffering cause, Dale Twinkle of Bigg City of Bigg Lights and Adolph of same.'' With much relief and equal embarrassment, for you could see the color drain back to the almost-brothers face, they had spent the last hour and a half pale as a ghoul in winter, Dolfis finally said ''Dillwinkle. And Dolfis.'' Lørd Âbbôtt confused, said ''Excuse me?''
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