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division two - the second unit (page 11) 
Posted on November 29, 2019 at 05:18 PM.
''Dillwinkle. And Dolfis.'' started Dolfis. ''I'm Dolfis. This is Dillwinkle. But if my Lrd so prefers, the House is most graciously welcome to call us Dale Twinkle and Adolph. But we do prefer Dillwinkle and Dolfis. Only just because we have grown accustomed to answering by them. You can call Dill, Dill, though. I do. Just did, hee-hee.'' And, ''We're not actually from Bigg City, just right outside, On-Silver-Pond.'' also from Dolfis. Immediately Lrd C'mmnd'r broke in ''Excuse us, we we're going by our oral information, it's uhh.. less messy - - - than having a paper trai.. a mountain of paperwork cluttering up our way.'' ''Yes,yes'' from Lrd bbtt ''but we shall very much try to remember 'Dill' and 'Dolfis'. Beg our pardon if we don't write that down. Messy paperwork is so... messy.'' And finally after great and long silence from Lrd Vsr, he too finally spoke, ''Enough! Enough of the pleasantries. Inform the servants of their mission.'' and spake it harshly. And this was the last he would say in the company of the patsy and the pansy, as he left the crypt in search of his Ldy, Ldy X. With that, Ldy Dęvllą's heart sank. Or what served in her soulless chestial cavity as a heart. For she suddenly realised she would never wear this particular pansy's beautiful ruby teeth around her neck.
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