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division three - the third unit (page 1) 
Posted on November 29, 2019 at 06:34 PM.
Nicodemus had been caught green-handed yet again. ''Fine pickpocket you make'' he thought. Nanneybuttom would be furious when she found out. ''Wot right does she 'ave to tell me wot t'do anyhow? She's not yer real ma.'' he continued his train of thought. ''łł, she ain't any kind of yer ma'' he finished his thinking. ''3 years older than me, been lookin' after me since I was a wee lad, I was, yeah and sure. But I'm nigh on 12 years. Almost a man I am. Jeez, maybe Nola can bust me out o' here.'' After all, she did see him get pinched, didn't she? Yes, she had to. It was practically her idea, the mark. And with that, and no fair warning, the wall came tumbling down. Nicodemus jumped up, ''that a girl, Nola Von Ola!'' he cried, and he didn't hesitate a second to dash through the cell wall hole and back to freedom. Or from the frying pan into the friar. Nola was waiting for him on the other side and they took off running together. ''To łł with you, you stupid girl you. I was doin' just fine where I was. Why din't ya wait till they fed me sup? Y'know grub been short a week, and I'm starvin', I am.'' Nola Von Ola could give as good as she got, a year younger than Nicodemus for sure but a year smarter for double sure. ''You can go back. Nanneybuttom'll get you out. She has every bit as much green and silver as you, stupid boy.'' Which was to say betwixt none and nonetoomuch. The protest was quick and sure from Nicodemus as they continued their back-alley run, ''Boy!? I'm a man, I am. Be 13 my next change, I will.'' And from Nola ''No cake to celebrate, no man. No ale either, you are a fine and pitiful man. Almost as fine a pickpocket!'' And with that they were back under the bridge with the other Bigg City urchins. Nicodemus said ''I don' wanna argue no more, my feet hurt and my belly growls. Let's see wot we can round up that will get us the least trouble tonight.'' ''So I win?'' Nola big smiled and Nicodemus hurried out a ''I din't say that! I just don' wanna argue no more, that's all.'' ''So I win!'' came from Nola.
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