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division three - the third unit (page 2) 
Posted on November 29, 2019 at 07:37 PM.
Once more from Nicodemus ''For tonight. Until the morn'.'' Nicodemus and Nola knew just where to head. Miss Junie. Old people were the easy marks and tonight called for an easy. Nicodemus and Nola hated marking old people, at least the one's who couldn't afford losing a meal or a pound or a drink or a coat but what else could be done tonight? Besides, they hadn't marked Miss Junie in weeks, hadn't needed to. And also besides, 'fool me once, shame on you, fool me again, shame on me'. Miss Junie was years past shame on you and stuck firmly in shame on her. Nicodemus and Nola thought maybe she even let them do it on purpose because she liked these particular urchins. At least that's what Nicodemus always tried to push on Nola. But Nola was edging closer to responsibility, and quicker, than Nicodemus and a conscience was starting to develop. ''Okay, Nico, Miss Junie tonight. Tomorrow we work on repaying her so maybe she don't even have to feel it.'' Nicodemus groaned, ''So we have to work tomorrow? But that's only Tuesday! *groan*'' It didn't take long for the pair to get over to Miss Junie's window from just right across the bridge and even less time for Nicodemus to get it open, through it, and on the other side. Even at that Nola knew she could do it better, faster and quieter than him, but as she was smaller and harder to see, she was definitely a better lookout than Nicodemus. And that was a lesson they had learned the hard way as it seemed they always got busted when he did the looking out. Nicodemus blamed it on Nola on account she made too much noise on the inside but she knew better. Nicodemus was distracted easily when he got bored and being lookout was boring, she had to give him that. And like that, Nicodemus was back with Nola on the street and they moved quickly back to the safest spot under the bridge. Away from the older teenangels, drunks, dirty old men and the occasional troll, imp or vampire. But really, none of them could be avoided forever.
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