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division three - the third unit (page 3) 
Posted on November 29, 2019 at 08:26 PM.
When they were back in their spot Nicodemus revealed their haul; one plate of mutton and two blankets. ''Hey, why one plate, Nico? Where's mine?'' cried Nola. But in her heart of hearts she was afraid she already knew the answer to her own query. ''Tonight we share. Old woman only had one plate'' Nicodemus shot back, ''Can't borrow something that doesn't exist.'' Nola didn't want to ask if he took her last plate or he took her next to last. She liked to think Miss Junie would be able to eat in the morning so they could repay her by tomorrow night, when they would break in again. And she wanted that to be the last time they ever violated Miss Junie ever again. It would. ''Well, at least you got two blankets. I'm not sharing one of those again with you until you bath. You stink, Nico!'' ''Take a bath yerself, you stink!'' said Nicodemus ''It's no bed of roses sharing with you either.'' he said flatly. Nola knew he was wrong. The only memory she had of her mother was seven years old. After Nola's mum bathed her at night, she told Nola when tucking her in, she smelled sooo good. That hadn't happened in seven years. The authorities had long given up on finding out what became of Nola's mum. And Nicodemus would not take that memory from her, she wouldn't let him. ''Just give me my half of the mutton, Nico. And the plate, too!'' After the plate was picked clean, Nola would soon be fast asleep after praying no vamp would take her this night. Nicodemus would stay awake long after her, watching for everything before even his eyes couldn't open. And most of the other urchins and bridge dwellers would try to look out for each other, as well as they could, but their record was spotty at best. She wished Nannybuttom was there tonight. Three is better than two, even if not by much. And Nannybuttom did smell good so she didn't mind sharing a blanket with her, plus she was dependable, which was more important than smelling good. So where was she? łł!! And then, Nola was fast asleep.

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