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The non factor of complacency with NBA 2k12 
Posted on October 2, 2011 at 01:29 PM.
First off let me start by saying stop with all of the madden comparisons. Before madden bought the license 2k and visual concepts were consistently making the better football game. *The passion that visual concepts has for listening to the community and making sure every year that their product is top notch is unsurpassed.

When some of you say that 2k will become like madden that is impossible. Maddens engine was always behind 2k's so just because they are the only developer making football games that doesnt mean their game is magically going to get better. Regarding 2k, their basketball games (in recent memory) have been the industry standard. If 2k is the only company making nba games, its still visual concepts, the people who have made quality sports games for the last 10 years. They wont get "lazy" thats not in their motto. They have way too many people backing this game to not put out an amazing game every year. But wait, you ask, madden has alot of people backing it too. Ya well maddens engine was always 2nd rate and the game was 2nd rate.

To add, ea products have always catered to the arcade ish crowd. When making an arcade game you have no real reference to base your developement on. Thats why there are always wierd little features added to ea sports' titles. Regarding 2k, their games have always been about making it as close to real life as possible. So with future titles, 2k always has a point of reference and they always build upon their previous games. They ask themselves every year, How can we make this game more true to life? *With ea, their sports products are always scrapped and rebuilt, never allowing for the progress to be made. The only reason people buy madden is because It just happens that they have all the football people buying their game cause they dont have an alternative. With 2k basketball, people buy the game cause its a legitamite, quality product.

Now if 2k was delayed and nba elite was making games then yes we would have reason to be worried and thats what happened with madden. A second rate product obtained exclusivity.

So chill relax. Enjoy 2k12 and KNOW that visual concepts and the whole 2k developing team have the consumer in mind. And to add, if 2k12 is a good, maybe great game then why are you scared for the future? This is visual concepts and 2k we are talking about, not EA

**** when i reference EA i am exclusively talking about madden and live/elite****
# 1 Jamake1005 @ Oct 2
I agree with you 100%! Not saying 2k doesnt have flaws and isnt missing anything b/c it does. But gameplay wise and trying to step it up every year 2k always puts its best foot forward to put out the best possible game they can! I have been a 2k fan for both football and basketball since they came out on the dreamcast. Soon as I seen and played thoses games it was a wrap! I left madden and nba live and NEVER looked bad and havent missed either one! Im not worried bout 2k slacking or taking it easy I will enjoy 2k12 and 2k13, 2k14 etc. I really hope next gen they will be making a football game b/c Madden is not cutting it. I will def support and always believe in 2k b/c they havent showed me any reason not too. Great post man!
# 2 ClevelandinDistress @ Oct 2
Thanks alot jamake1005. Definately agree 2k has it's flaws but endlessly complaining about them is not the right way to get the developers attention. Through smart posts and showing a general understanding of how that issue can be fixed is what's key. All about keeping it in perspective.

Thanks again my man!
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