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ACQB Salary Cap Rough Draft 
Posted on September 3, 2009 at 02:42 PM.
Alright here's my idea for our salary cap:

First off, we'll use existing contract lengths in conjunction with my point system to get started. That means the Redskins are stuck with Haynesworth for a long time etc.

Here's the link to get contract lengths:

We'll use 4 values to determine contract cost per year:




Contract Length

Here's how the rough factorials shake down. I want the top players making 10x more than the bottom players and 2x more than other solid roleplayers.

First: Base Demand. This will be the strongest factor in what a person is worth. We'll take the overall rating and multiply it by their category of overall to equal a simple base demand.

Multiplier X Overall = base demand

90-100 Overall = 2.5 multiplier
80-89 Overall = 2 multiplier
70-79 Overall = 1.5 multiplier
60-69 Overall = 1 multiplier
59 and under = 0.5 multiplier

Second - Age multipliers. We'll take the base demand and multiply it by our age multiplier to simulate a younger player being more valuable and an older player losing value.

Age Multipliers:

21-24 = 1.3
25-28 = 1.1
29-32 = 1.0
33+ = 0.8

Third - Position Multipliers - next we'll change their value according to their position. These won't vary too much outside of special teams.

QB/DE/WR/FB - 1.0 multiplier (stays the same)
LB/OL/DT/DB - 0.8 multiplier (slightly less costly)
K/P - 0.2 multiplier (league min.)

Fourth - Contract Length - we'll adjust the demand of the player according to contract length. We will take this into account during our initial contract creations.

Contract length

5+ years: 0.8 multiplier (less money/year overall)
4 years: 0.9 multiplier
3 years: 1.1 multiplier (slightly gaining price now)
2 years: 1.5 multiplier
1 year: 2 multiplier (very costly for top players)

Now for an example:

Ben Roethlisberger:

93 Overall = OVR(93) X 3 = 279 base demand
8 year contract (7 left) = 0.8 x 279 = 223.2
Age 28 = 1.3 x 223.2 = 290.16
Position QB = 1.1 x 290.16 = 319.18 points/year

Limas Sweed

64 Overall = OVR (65) x 1 = 65 base demand
4 year contract (3 left) = 0.9 x 65 = 58.5
Age 25 = 1.3 x 58.5 = 76.05
Position WR = 76.05 x 1.1 = 83.66

As you can see Roethlisberger is about 4X as valuable to the CAP as Sweed, who is young and has potential, but isn't accomplished. Again, this is a rough draft and the ratios, especially the overall base demand, can be tweaked to fit our liking. Off this we can build a CAP.

The beginning will require the most time. We'd need to set up our 55 man rosters using the rotoworld site and putting together our initial numbers. After that it'd be smooth sailing as we only re-sign a handful of players each year, and the others we'd need to just keep tally of years left. Simple!

Now the draft: I have an awesome idea for the draft - the player demands for points based on where they are drafted, NOT what their OVR or potential is. We could also implement a rule that you have to sign your draft picks or something to avoid people bailing on their players immediately.

Example: First overall pick maybe demands what a 90 OVR player at his position is worth off the bat, and the 2nd pick 89, second round maybe 75 OVR and so on and so forth. I think it'd reward us for finding late gems that are worth MORE than their cost and vice versa. We could start to emulate what NFL teams have to go through (think Jamarcus getting overpaid and AP - who gets paid 720 K this year- being underpaid).

Suggestions aren't only welcome, they are necessary if you want to pursue this option.
# 1 elgreazy1 @ Sep 4
My head almost exploded from all the numbers! Cripes there has got to be an easier way for us to figure all this out without needing to be accountants. LoL. What were the M10 devs thinking?

Good job either way, but the only downside I see with formulas such as this is the mass amount of fact checking, calculations & policing of rosters. Maybe there is a way of setting said formula up in an excel sheet that the commish has control over or something. I dunno. I've tried posting some ideas on the Logitstics thread but never got any replies.
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