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CreatineKasey's Chalkboard
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# 41
elgreazy1 @ Jun 21, 2010
Hey, so whats' going to become of ACQB league in M10 once M11 drops? Will everyone move over to M11 or will the ACQB-M10 version still be on-going? Not sure if I want M11 but I'd be willing to stick with M10 in an established league.
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# 40
ANDROMADA 1 @ Mar 29, 2010
Originally Posted by CreatineKasey
Hey! We can play tomorrow if that's better for you.. getting late already. Let me know what you prefer.
okay, tommorrow works. i'm installing to my hard drive now. I'll look for you after work.
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# 39
ANDROMADA 1 @ Mar 29, 2010
Let me know when you can play. I have my new 360 set up now. we can play tommorow if you like. or later tonight.
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# 38
mattray214 @ Feb 28, 2010
Hey where is the link to the draft
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# 37
ANDROMADA 1 @ Nov 11, 2009
Originally Posted by CreatineKasey
Yep! I'm liking it a lot so far.. and I've played every Halo extensively, played CS Source.. I am pretty optimistic.
BTW,GG. Did you see DCMC post about bringing back injured players?
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# 36
ANDROMADA 1 @ Nov 11, 2009
Did you see my post about COD2?
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# 35
ANDROMADA 1 @ Nov 11, 2009
Is Waw Multiplayer?And how much?I've not played COD since Modern warfare 1
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# 34
ANDROMADA 1 @ Oct 14, 2009
Originally Posted by CreatineKasey
Thanks Andro! Yeah, it wasn't a criticism or anything, I just felt compelled to add that quick note to complete the strategy!
you gave me idea...i will update my blog and add APFer's take on the subject and call it the "Madden 10 Run stopper central" or something like that it will add to the overall I.Q. of all interested parties.Like I said this is just the begining and I will be adding more things as we go along...I think if we all pitch in we can have our own "battle tested"virtual M10 strategy guide. see ya
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# 33
ANDROMADA 1 @ Oct 13, 2009
Thanks for the Comments Kasey.I respect your opinions and Ball skills tremendously.I responded to your comment as well.I guess I could have elaborated a little more but what the hay its a work in progress.i will add an addendum or something like that.I dont worry too much about Te's because most people are scared to go over the middle and also I make sure I stick to my players responsibility.
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# 32
ANDROMADA 1 @ Oct 7, 2009
Originally Posted by CreatineKasey
Yeah I'm not sure if I'll even play many games, or any at all. If all it takes for people to get something going is for me to post it, I'm glad to. There's some things I've been missing from APF that I wouldn't mind playing it for. It might be risky though because you can't master both games at once and I HATE losing!
Yeah,its tough to switch back and forth like that.I commend anyone that can do that....Is it just me or is practice mode "da bomb" especially defense!!!I love it.
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# 31
ANDROMADA 1 @ Oct 7, 2009
you cheating on j/k sounds like fun actually I would play but I dont want to ef up my re learning of Madden so far.But who knows it still sounds like fun.
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# 30
ANDROMADA 1 @ Oct 6, 2009
your Steelers looked good on Monday night Raw!!!Very entertaining.I was flipping between that and Favre...
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# 29
ANDROMADA 1 @ Oct 2, 2009
That Titans Team is no Joke!!!They have one of the best O-lines in football and it shows.I loved how my game against them mimic real life NFL action.I couldnt stop CJ.I contained him for a few plays and them BAM he would go for 70,30 84 yards...He is Sick!!!I think your personel match up well against them though also The Titans Defense is suspect.I carved them up for 300 yards and 5 Td passes(one by Grossman)So if you can get a lead on them and chew up some clock you'll be fine.Just dont give up the big play.
thanks for askin
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# 28
Pappy Knuckles @ Sep 29, 2009
Just wanted to say props on the Cap system man. I was very hesitant before starting this thing, but what you put together is pretty hot. It definitely adds a whole other element to our franchise.
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# 27
ANDROMADA 1 @ Sep 27, 2009
fire that d-bag....
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# 26
ANDROMADA 1 @ Sep 12, 2009
keep up the good work kasey!!!I dont have the patience to do some of the things you are working on so thanks man.
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# 25
ANDROMADA 1 @ Sep 11, 2009
Thats true kasey,that would be funny to include a bench press move for harrison.Better yet a choke hold animation for the Lineman..."attempting to block
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# 24
ANDROMADA 1 @ Sep 6, 2009
How you doing with that defensive dreamteam over there...You have a Hitstick Paradise.....I can only imagine...Also What do you think of doing a thread on plays of the year offensive and defensive or horsetrailer every week,that would be cool.
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# 23
EnglishBull34 @ Aug 30, 2009
Yeah, the INT-TD thing is all the more reason to me that we need a full league of user owners. This will eliminate some of the CPU QB AI issues that produce these pick totals. Our user owners, though, need to learn that it's okay to eat the ball every now and again and take a sack. A sack is better than a pick, and infinitely better than a TD for the defense.

Regarding the power rankings, you know there's gonna be some heated discussion as we get into the second half of the season. We're in for some high drama.
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# 22
EnglishBull34 @ Aug 30, 2009
I was surprised they aired it out so often. We held Jacobs to just over 4 YPC, but that's hardly a dominant effort; they needed to pound it and didn't.

As for the power rankings, you're doing a great job with that--it's one of the little things that adds a great narrative dimension to our play. Oakland has no place on your radar, though. We're a bad team that's gotten extremely lucky to win 3 thus far. Should have lost to Weeman. My defense can't continue having to bail the team out if we're gonna win. Sooner or later I'm going to have to find some consistent offense.
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# 21
ANDROMADA 1 @ Aug 23, 2009
that power ranking deal is sweet!thanks for putting it together...Makes it more exciting.
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# 20
EnglishBull34 @ Aug 21, 2009
Thanks, Casey. I am still struggling with the run game and simply took an untenable gameplan to the table in week one. I wanted to spread out the big and physical SD D, but with such a young and inconsistent QB and WR corps, that's a recipe for disaster.

I really just have to learn to run well in practice mode and commit to pounding it in games. That's my team's real identity. I just got away from it.

Re: Schilens, he had a nice game, but also 4 drops, lol. That's generic speed receiver type stats from APF! The lesson is use your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. My D is decent enough that if I can work the ground game I may just win a few!
bigdgp2 is offline
# 19
bigdgp2 @ Aug 18, 2009
Thanks for the comment! I'm also looking forward to the league. Fortunately, I'm spared from the wrath of your Steelers D this season. You're definitely one of the better players I play against.
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# 18
The15thunter @ Aug 16, 2009
Phillip Porter has invited you to join an ESPN Fantasy Football league: A Real Man's League.

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Good luck, and enjoy your season with the new-and-improved ESPN Fantasy Football.
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# 17
ANDROMADA 1 @ Aug 13, 2009
Originally Posted by CreatineKasey
Oh for sure! We'll duke it out tonight. I'm going to play some this morning and I'll also be on tonight after 8 PM CST and playing as late as I can without becoming too tired! GG also. You had a SICK run with Slaton. We were definitely going to have a shootout.
yeah,I dont know how Slaton broke through that but man it was fun to watch...That catch and run you had was amazing.I was like who the hell is that and boy is he fast!I forgot the cowboys play tonight but I still want to play again.I usually watch 1st qtr and any rookie i'm interested in.
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# 16
ANDROMADA 1 @ Aug 13, 2009
gg,last night.even though the ea server went down.You masde those Bears look good...I cant wait till everybody else gets the gm it will be a blast!!!see ya on the boards....rematch tonight?
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# 15
ANDROMADA 1 @ Jun 17, 2009
wanna play SQL gm?
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# 14
ANDROMADA 1 @ Jun 15, 2009
When do I play you in the SQL?
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# 13
ANDROMADA 1 @ Jun 15, 2009
Nice tecmo screen shot!!!
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# 12
NFLHITMAN @ May 26, 2009
Originally Posted by CreatineKasey
Oh you know it big guy! Thanks for giving me the Steel Curtain! Should be a fun time. If you need any help from me just let me know.
I can always use help. Coach Ruckus will be at E3 and will be doing work for the Gamersaloon so he will be asking about how online leagues will be working. I will let you know more once I know. Thanks for the offer!
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# 11
NFLHITMAN @ May 26, 2009
Kasey I added you to my league sign up for Madden 10. I gave you Steelers. Let me know if you want in. I just put in people I knew was getting madden 10.
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# 10
baumy300 @ Apr 3, 2009
Originally Posted by CreatineKasey
Good uploaded photos! Love the emo kid in the minivan and the parked in fancy car LOL! That fat kid missing the basketball pass reminds me of me as a kid SO much!
Haha, yeah man I have so many other good ones I can't post on OS. I don't think there are too many things funnier than a good motivational poster.

Well, maybe Brad Childress trying to coach a football team...
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# 9
EnglishBull34 @ Jan 21, 2009
Thanks for the love, man, but you're the Champ--I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut, lol. I've got the offense rolling. The thing is, even if teams want to stop the passing game, they can't. There's too much talent, and I know the scheme inside and out. Someone will be open, period. And it's a pass to run team, so that's what I do. Nathan is no slouch, though, even if I don't make him carry the load. When I've wanted to run the ball, I've been able to (he ran through Robert Brazile and scampered for 75 yards 2 games ago). Ideally, I'd like all of my receivers to have 3-4 catches and Nathan to have 12-15 carries. I'm going to work on acheiving even greater balance in the next few games.

And you're so right on the DL. Reggie's numbers suck, but trust me, he's been a factor.

Keep up the good work over there, man!
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# 8
DJ @ Jan 21, 2009
Thanks for the feedback, Creatine. Yeah, I think you are right about my team and why I lose the close games. No real intangibles.

I also think having no legend safeties really hurts this team. I've got a new team up and running that plays lights-out defense and that's in large part due to the gold free safety I have.
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# 7
EnglishBull34 @ Jan 19, 2009
Damn, Kasey, you're really rolling in the South Division! Warren is an absolute beast for you--I wish I could watch a few games and see what you're doing with him. And Hart is playing very efficiently to boot. I just hope that injury doesn't slow him down too much; injuries have already derailed one team in your division. Keep it up!
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# 6
EnglishBull34 @ Jan 6, 2009
Yeah, that game heated up in the second half. I held DJ to 3 points in the first half, but the offense exploded in the second half. Fortunately, I have an offense that can keep up this year. The crazy thing is that I know I can be way more efficient with my offense. That's going to be priority #1 for the next several games. Once I fine tune things, I should be getting longer drives, less 3 and outs, and that will help the defense even more.

Your team is doing quite well. I've got to catch up on your blogs--I'm glad we have a few folks doing these. It makes it more fun. Good luck with the remainder of your games this week!
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# 5
Pappy Knuckles @ Dec 31, 2008
Yeah man, the league seems to be rolling along. I think having a schedule really helps things. 2 games per week is just the right amount. It looks like you're beating up on the OS South. Try not to whoop people too bad, we want them coming back for another season lol.

Last season you guys inspired me to start doing writeups after reading some of yours. It definitely adds a lot to the games.
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# 4
EnglishBull34 @ Dec 30, 2008
Thanks, man! You're off to quite a start yourself. Looks like you found your stride in the third game. That pass rush you have is pretty wicked. I'm looking forward to seeing what Chris Warren does on the year. He's a really nice back who is a plus in every facet of the offensive game.
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# 3
Pappy Knuckles @ Dec 19, 2008
Thanks for your help with the league. This season is going to be A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

EnglishBull34 is offline
# 2
EnglishBull34 @ Dec 9, 2008
Nice post on the Peter Moore article, lol. I can't help myself with the writing instruction some times--you just kind of are who you are and you can't escape it at a certain point. Once a teacher, always a teacher.

I have to say, for a Food Sciences guy, you're incredibly articulate. I always enjoy our miked games because you're very well spoken. I teach so many 21 year olds who can't spell their names, it gives me hope to talk to some who sound like they're capable of a complex thought ;-).

And if you're in Food Sciences, I'm gonna have to hit you up for some good literature on a healthy diet. At 30, my bad eating has caught up with me, lol. I'm lookin' for a change.
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# 1
EnglishBull34 @ Nov 13, 2008
Man, if I had half the defense I had in my game against Tombsong in our game, I'd have given you a much better game. Hopefully next time ;-). I couldn't get within sniffing distance of Bartkowski, but my rush went ballistic on Unitas. Lester got his first pick of the year, after batting 9 balls, and Shad Marlboro nabbed his second of the year late in the game. That was the play that cemented the shutout, as Tombsonng was in the red zone at that point.

Bly played much better in the second game--only one TD, but no turnovers, and you know how my offense goes. Slow and steady wins the race. If I hold on to the ball and feed Emmitt, I have a chance; if I don't, it's done--to the tune of 35-20, lol.

If you keep Faulk, I'm going to have to hunt for a LB that can match his quicks. You've got one of those teams that's gonna change roster selection for our next draft, man.

Thanks for the love on the writeup. I'm going to try to get some video capture equipment for our next season.
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