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Is it just me or is Sony turning into Apple? 
Posted on August 12, 2014 at 02:09 AM.
First Sony nerfed mp3 playback as well as other numerous features. Mp3 seemingly being the victim of Sonys Music Unlimited subscription service. Now EA access got nixed by what seems like a clear conflict with Sonys Playstation plus subscription service. Who suffers? us the consumer.

Sony said they didnt see the value in the service. Garbage. That should be the consumers decision. If the consumer sees value he pays. If not they dont.

Why I asked the question is Sony turning into Apple is because of how much im reminded of why I switched from iphone to Android. Iphone simply didnt allow me to use my phone how I wanted. Apple hid behind the "protecting our device and image" blanket of nonsense when its extremely evident that its diffrences are mainly financially motivated desicions.

I bought PS4 at launch. I then bought XBox One at launch. I immediately fell in love with the PS4. As of me writing this I can say I have not powered on my Xbox One in over 3 months. My PS4 gets played daily. Im starting to waver.

I have taken the lack of MP3 support for my Sounds of the Show fairly well but this whole EA access thing is starting to nudge me off the cliff. I want to be able to play EA sports games on my PS4 early. I cant and its so ridiculous. I would have so much more respect if Sony just came out and said "listen people we want to make some money." dont lie to me.

Online was free last gen Sony. I have no problem paying for playstation plus, I actually thought it was crazy that it was free. My point is what the hell happened? Now your the other extreme.

Sony, this trend is not good.
# 1 CujoMatty @ Aug 12
4 days isnt my point. I can wait 4 days but I feel I shouldnt have to. my point is that sony is choosing for me what I can get much like Apple with the iphone. With iphone you couldnt watch any videos that used flash which incidentally was pretty much every video on the internet for a long time. Apples reasoning was that flash was inferior and it didnt matter that consumers wanted to watch videos.

Sonys statement about mp3s was that they were shocked the public even cared that the ps4 couldnt play mp3s. Anyone can see thru that garbage statement.

Now EA access. I agree that its not that huge of a deal but its definetly looking like the direction Sony is headed is not a good one IMO.

It comes down to Sony limiting your options because it conflicts with programs that Sony makes money on. Thats exactly what Apple has been doing for years.

From a business stand point I get it. But for me if it continues to go this way im starting to lean more microsofts way. Im reminded of my jump to Android from Apple. thats what my point was.
# 2 CrimsontideuA @ Aug 13
Good point Sony could be morphing into another apple. Maybe sony is not doing as well as it seems and they need the revenue a subscription would provide. Microsoft has a made a lot money with xbox live. I have not purchased anything from Apple in a year. I refuse to give 10 dollars for a controlled download. if do buy a download I purchase from amazon or cd universe. I will never pay 40-60 dollars for downloaded game. I want a case with a pictures and a disc I can hold. No company sho
# 3 CujoMatty @ Aug 13
mp3 playback is essential for features like Sounds of the Show or custom music in NBA, Madden lots of games that had it last gen. I get that lots of people never utilizied these features but those of us that do, let me tell you it adds so much realism. I had the real walk up music for every player in the majors last gen. all real entrance, penalty, everything in NHl. every entrance in WWE was the real music. none of that is possible without mp3 playback.

I, as well as most people arent arguing that they shouldnt charge for PSPlus. I think its an incredible program and worth the money. I was simply saying how far Sonys mentality has changed. It was free for PS3 and now they are not only charging money for it (which I clearly agree they should) but they are also stiffling any competion to their programs. Thats a huge shift in Sonys game plan and honestly one that scares me.
# 4 Dr. Banner @ Aug 13
It's just you. ��
# 5 Sheba2011 @ Aug 14
It is just you.
# 6 Sigma4Life @ Aug 14
Comparing Sony to Apple is an insult... to Apple.
# 7 KingOfGamesNYC @ Aug 16
I mean disrepect when I say this but please be quite.
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