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# 10
PitGreene75 @ May 22, 2019
Hi, sorry, but I just can't find an answer. Can help explain the difference between cheers/jeers for players and team. Do player cheers override team cheers, or do both get used. I haven't been able to hear both being used. Just wondering how best to set it up. Thanks and sorry if answered before.
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# 9
ks23 @ Mar 10, 2019
hey man, could you please compile together for me full custom stadium sounds specific to each stadium and team for the show 19 when it's released This would include crowd noise for home runs etc as the crowd noise on previous versions is terrible. more than happy to pay for the help as I really want this help
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# 8
NickJaysFan @ Jul 26, 2018
Hey man! I can't remember if I PM'd you already or not so if so, I apologize. I would be very happy to help update the packs but I have no idea how to so I am here asking for help. Thanks!
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# 7
Selfierob @ Apr 9, 2018
Hey there, I can’t get the Yankee files to appear at all in the game except in the delete area. Can you provide some guidance? Is this a known issue?
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# 6
MisterRedShow @ May 12, 2017
Originally Posted by CujoMatty
Email the problem files to [email protected] and ill look
Actually I noticed your buddy had replied to a post of mine so I went and ahead and copied SDS' reply to me in the thread. You can find it here. Cheers:
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# 5
MisterRedShow @ May 12, 2017
Originally Posted by CujoMatty
Email the problem files to [email protected] and ill look
I actually found the solution by emailing SDS support. Would you be interested in seeing his reply? It involved removing some excess metadata tags. I can forward the email to you if you wish.
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# 4
MisterRedShow @ May 12, 2017
HI Matt. You are awesome kudos for all your hard work with SOTS. I'm just now kinda learning about what you guys do. It's awesome. I have a problem with metadata not appearing. Files appearing as "unknown". I tried your APE solution which worked for some and your "every category" solution which worked for a couple others but I still have a lot I can't solve. Do you know any other solutions for missing metadata? All the metadata appears normally in windows. I have mp3tag. Just can't seem to find the solution for a few files.
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# 3
trusaleen1 @ Apr 16, 2017
Hi Matt, I posted these in the thread but wanted to make sure you got them. I went to A's game yesterday. Here are some updates
Mid 1st- Booker T, Green Onion
Jeff Lowrie- Rush, Tom Sawyer
Matt Joyce#1- Fat Joe, All the Way Up
Matt Joyce #2- Bartholomew, The Silent Comedy
Yonder Alfonzo- Young Jeezy, Everythang
Base hit- Bodyrockers, I Like the Way
Mid 3- Fitz and the Tantrums, Hand Clap
Bottom of first- The Score, Legend
Bottom 3rd- Taio Cruz, Dynamite
Mid 4th- Black Box, Strike it up
Jeff Decker- Sublime, Doin' Time
Adam Rosales- Red Hot Chili Peppers Hump de Bump
Bottom 4th- Young MC, Busta a Move
HR- Onyx Slam
Visiter Pitching Change- Todd Rundgren, Bang the Drum All Day
End 5th- Justin Timberlake, Can't Stop the Feelin'
Ryan Dull- Linkin Park, No More Sorrow
Clutch Out- Lil' Jon Turn Down for What
Mid 6th- Herbie Hancock, Rock It
Bottom 6th- Survivor, Eye of the Tiger
Santiago Castilla- BARAK, Danzar
Bottom 7th- Steve Aoki, Bonless
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# 2
lowlighthabit @ Feb 11, 2017
My email is [email protected]
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# 1
bigdame31 @ Jul 16, 2014
Hey thanks for info I knew I could do that I just started a new one dude was being rude I was killing him with kindness I just don't have time for the silly stuff u feel me. Thanks again tho for the help it's hard to find ppl that will help a person out these days
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