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My Game Idea, Part 1 
Posted on August 29, 2009 at 03:26 AM.
I always thought that If I had the means and the Knowledge, I could create a pretty Bada** game but since I have neither its just a fantasy of mine. Regardless I thought it would be pretty cool to have a thread that we could showcase a Game Idea. Since I have a pretty expansive knowledge of all things Military, I am pretty sure I could at least get the authenticity correct. Well here goes

General Idea

My Game would feature an Ex Special Ops Soldier who goes into the Private Sector. The game would Would be Part FPS, 3rd Person Open world, and RPG. I imagine it would be set in a Modern Middle Eastern City (think Tehran). You would start out as a Special Ops Soldier (Navy Seal or Delta Operator) in a battle in this city, this is where you would learn the controls, customize your Character, and learn the basics of the story. Fast Foward 3-4 years, you are a Private Contractor and the city is no longer a constant warzone.

The Story

Since the game really picks up 3-4 years after the city has been invaded, it is relatively calm but there is still a constant threat of IEDS, VBEDs, and Ambushes. The Main Story would pretty much be help out the Allied Forces stop a Coup on the Provincial Government which would negate all the progress made in the past years since you were there.

The Gameplay

I would want Realism to be a major factor here, You are not a One man Army. Charging into an Enemy base would be suicide but your training and friends you have made make it possible. Since it is open world, you can get missions from a host of different people, Your Company, The US Army, and the Provincial Government. The Gun play I would want to model it after a mix of COD4 and Rainbow six, Each weapon would feel different but satisfying to shoot.

The RPG Aspect

You can earn points for attributes as you complete missions, the RPG aspect of it would be pretty straight foward but I would model it after Mass Effect. Going back to the Opening Battle, this is where you choose your Character's Specialty, You can Pick one of the Following:

Weapons Expert: This allows you to be a true expert of any weapon system, Weapon Malfunctions are decreased, Accuracy is Increased, and you are not burdened by the weapon you carry.

Medical Expert: More Hit Points, You can heal yourself quicker(when you are shot, you need medical attention, Medical Experts can heal themselves), and cheaper medical supplies.

Communications Expert: You become friends with people quicker.


Since you are a Veteran of SF, you have friends all over. You cannot win the war by yourself so you will need some help. When you get a friend, you can get what you need with either Money or Favors. You cannot Bribe a General, but you can Do something the US Military cannot get caught doing.

Armorer: There are two in My game, The Black market Armorer can get you weapons cheap but they are not the best weapons. The SF Armorer will get you the good stuff but it will cost you. Each Armorer can get you Weapons, NVGS, Mags, Sights and Scopes, Lasers, and all sorts of other goodies.

Aviation Officer: This Man can get you two things but they are very Important Helicopter rides and Air strikes. The Helicopter can pick you up if you are in a sticky situation and he can drop you off for a mission(fastrope). The Airstrikes are few and far between but they pack a huge punch and will in all likelihood save your life.

The Transportation Officers: This man can get you Vehicles, and if you are really in a tight spot, a Tank( you do not drive the tank, in real life it takes 4-5 people to operate it and your just one man). But like in Real life, if you do not return the vehicle you will be in some hot water. If they get destroyed that is understandable but you do not just leave a US Vehicle by the enemy HQ.

The General: This guy can make anything on the post happen. I would want to have his benefit be huge and you only get it once or twice. If you are on one of the last levels and you need an army (or a huge distraction) you call this man, and you will have an army fighting for you.

For Part two, I will get into the Weapon Modifications, Personal Modifications, The actual gameplay, and Authenticity.
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