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Cusefan's Chalkboard
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# 16
benrich315 @ Mar 11, 2015
GO CUSE! Nice to see another Orange fan on the forum
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# 15
cusefan74 @ Jul 14, 2013
Originally Posted by Cusefan
Sorry to hear that, losing a pet is terrible. Theres not too many Syracuse fans here, especially football. Do you go to the Football Games?
Actually I have only been to one game. Doug Marrones first game against Northwestern when we won on last second FG. Would love to go more but I only have so much money you know. I'm always watching though.
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# 14
cusefan74 @ Jul 14, 2013
Originally Posted by Cusefan
Here I am thinking I was the only Cusefan on Operation Sports who lives in Syracuse and has a Chocolate lab for a dog.
I live just outside Cuse and don't have her anymore, had to put her down a couple of years ago. Don't run in to many Cusefans on this site, but it's nice to see at least one.
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# 13
sportzbro @ May 22, 2010
Whats up dude.. I figured you'd be the guy to ask - What is Cuse doing for their football unis this year?
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# 12
CuseGirl @ Mar 18, 2010
Originally Posted by Cusefan
Welcome to OS, are you from Syracuse?
Nah, I'm from Brooklyn but I go to SU.
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# 11
TJdaSportsGuy @ Aug 26, 2009
Originally Posted by Cusefan
Are you going to any Bills games this year?
Yep...going to see Buffalo at Carolina on October 25th and POSSIBLY seeing Buffalo at Atlanta later in the season.
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# 10
NYJets @ May 22, 2009
Originally Posted by Cusefan
I had this horrible nightmare last night where UCONN won a national championship in Basketball. It was terrible...

I had a dream I was at the UConn-Syracuse 6 OT game again, and I knew what was going to happen. I spent the whole game running around MSG trying to do anything I could think of to change things, but there was nothing I could do.
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# 9
jtarolli9 @ Mar 13, 2009
How about that game last night/this morning!
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# 8
Ian_Cummings @ Feb 8, 2009
Originally Posted by Cusefan
On Friday, Dan Patrick on his radio show was talking about Madden. He said he wanted to do some voicework for you guys, your people should talk to his people
Wicked! That's awesome to hear...
DJ is offline
# 7
DJ @ Dec 13, 2008
So, what do you think of the Marrone hire at SU? You gotta love the guy's passion. Anyone that would go seek out this job deserves our patience. It remains to be seen if he can recruit, but, I can't see him being worse than G-Rob.
statum71 is offline
# 6
statum71 @ Dec 3, 2008
Wsup dawg. Saw you on some NCAA Basketball threads
Phil_Frazier is offline
# 5
Phil_Frazier @ Dec 2, 2008
While sensationalized for the movie, yes. We have folks like that in our studio. Indeed very awesome.
Phil_Frazier is offline
# 4
Phil_Frazier @ Dec 2, 2008
Loved it. In that movie it was easy to tie personalities from the movie to folks on our team. It was a lot of fun.
rudyjuly2 is offline
# 3
rudyjuly2 @ Dec 2, 2008
That was my biggest issue with that movie. The cops were just so stupid I had a hard time shutting my brain off. That movie made so much money and yet I have no interest to see it again.
DJ is offline
# 2
DJ @ Dec 1, 2008
As a fellow Cuse fan, tell me, how do you like NCAA Basketball 09?
Cusefan is offline
# 1
Cusefan @ Nov 30, 2008
Go Orange!
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