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NHL 10: An All Around Experience 
Posted on December 5, 2010 at 09:19 AM.
It's now been about a year after I bought NHL 10. Since then, I've learnt how sliders work, how the game plays and how you can make a game your own.

From the first day I played it, I saw that this game was something special. I started a BeAGM on fantasy draft with the Flyers. Fun times, fun times. Then aout a month or so later, I got bored. That's when I learnt about sliders. I tried some slider sets, found one I liked, and that lasted another few months. Then I strived to make my own set. At first, it didn't really work the way I wanted. I may have gotten a tad discouraged. Until I tried to make some on All-Star. I had created a fast paced, but still realistic game. For a while, I liked the sliders and thought they resembled a realistic game. However, one gripe I had was that there weren't enough cover-ups/stoppages of play.

And now at the present, I did something that may have been a tad odd. I noticed when I played on All-Star, the AI had some to be 'boosted' at certain moments during the game (like some on the forums had warned), and that the game was kind of predictable. That's why I bumped the difficulty down to pro. I kept the same settings to see how they'd work out, and it made the game a bit too easy. So I adjusted the sliders to something of a 'fence' between pro and all-star. With the addition of 'dynamic shotting' (I changed the shot power to 5 and accuracy to 0), I finally found realism, unpredictability and excitement.

To this day, I love my creation. I love how it plays and it amazes me that NHL 10 can play such a realistic game, when programmed correctly. Some days there are 2-1 games with say 2-3 PP's a side. And others there are 5-3 games with 4-6 PP's a side. It's great, I love it and I'm satisfied. Not to mention I installed and made my own custom arena music, which adds yet another layer of depth to keep me playing. I haven't bin able to get NHL 11 yet, but I'm still enjoying NHL 11.
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Dec 5
once you get a slider set run with it. Most people give up after a few games. Play at least 20 and look back and thats when a game comes alive. You add custom music and when NHL 11 hits you skip a year.
# 2 RUFFNREADY @ Dec 6
Sounds awesome; hopefully you will get NHL 11 and share some of those created slider settings with the rest of the NHL community.
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