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NCAA 12 or Madden 12? 
Posted on May 4, 2011 at 09:58 PM.
If you were forced to choose between either NCAA 12 or Madden 12 for your football gaming needs for the next year, what game would you choose and why?
# 1 ruffdhc @ May 4
might be madden bucause of the nfl teams and if they model the game after the ncaa then that makes it that much better. I rather play All Pro than both to tell the truth b/c i havent really seen anything that makes me want either or...
# 2 SkillzKillz719 @ May 4
NCAA 12. Looks to have a lot better replay value, deeper dynasty, better gameplay, and better graphics. The only thing I think Madden has that NCAA can't beat, as of right now, is co-op online.

Now I'm really hopefully that they get that in NCAA. lol
# 3 NYYankees42 @ May 4
Im going with NCAA 12 because i love 11 and 12 is just going so much better with new presentation, graphics, gameplay, dynasty, etc.
# 4 ranger91 @ May 4
I'll give a slight edge to college football but that could change quickly. The quality of the two games look very similar this year. I love recruiting and building a dynasty is NCAA but the one thing Madden has to offer that NCAA doesn't is a playoff system. I know this isn't the all games fault but if NCAA football 12 did have a playoff i would definitly have it over Madden. I just hate the BCS system
# 5 NYJin2009tm @ May 4
If I had to pick just 1... It would have to be Madden. NFL is my fav sport easily. I do watch college but not as crazily as I do the NFL.
# 6 shawnhobs @ May 5
To early to ask this question. I need to hear more details as to the improvement of each title. The key for me is online franchise in Madden. I'll be getting NCAA because I trust that they won't screw up but yet add to an already solid online dynasty offering. I'll only get Madden if I read good things about online franchise improvements. I rarely watch college football, I'm a die-hard NFL fan but even with that Madden (without improvements for online franchise) gets boring to me after playing it for a couple weeks. I'm still playing in an NCAA 11 online dynasty league to this day.
# 7 rudyjuly2 @ May 5
NCAA 12. Easy for me since I prefer college football but the dynasty mode is far more addictive than Madden's franchise mode.
# 8 dannyheck @ May 5
Madden 12 - the improvements to the game. Liking the screen shots. It's the NFL man, that's why.
# 9 ezio @ May 5
If I could only pick one it would be Madden because I am bigger fan of the NFL than college.
# 10 porkys8077 @ May 5
Going with NCAA 12 this year.
# 11 rdelizo35 @ May 5
Madden 12 for me. Not that big on college FB.
# 12 DavidmOrtiz15 @ May 5
It's too early to decide, we still havent heard enough about Dynasty mode or franchise mode to decide. But i'll go with Madden, like dannyheck said, "it's the NFL man."
# 13 DubTrey1 @ May 5
NCAA12 for me as well. Dynasty mode is the key selling point for me. Although I do not follow NCAA football hardly at all in real life and love the NFL - vidoegame wise, NCAA is a more rewarding game fro the longterm for me.
# 14 turftickler @ May 5
Neither right now. NCAA 12 is a no right now because of the defensive zone coverage. No player should ever be able to strafe and back pedal as fast as a receiver or half back is running. Did you guys watch the zone coverage video for NCAA 12. That says it all.

For Madden 12, I need to see fluid animations that do not look and feel robotic. I want to feel like I cannot put either of these games down, but right now, I feel like I may never pick either of them up.

I will stick to Backbreaker and All Pro Football 2k8 for now until I see a major improvement in gameplay for both of NCAA 12 and Madden 12.
# 15 MysteriousPanther @ May 5
It's pretty hard to choose between both of them. NCAA Football 12 looks good so far & gotten little bit more information than Madden NFL 12. Until I get some more information out of both of them, it'll be neither.

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