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SimNation Radio Fri Nov 30, 2012 Stuck
Posted on November 30, 2012 at 10:38 AM.

Catch us tonight 7:00 PM EST

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Were back this week after a short hiatus. Tonight we want to talk about Nba 2K13 roster updates or the lack thereof. Is this a big issue for gamers ? Should it be ? Would competition help ?

We will also discuss the Most recent patch for NBA 2K13 and get your thoughts.

We will also discuss Royce White. Is he blowing this precious opportunity ?

On the NBA front we will discuss the latest Lakers incarnation with No D'Antoni.

Also want to talk about the Thunder and how they look post Harden. Have they lost their pop ?

Finally, should Stern be able to fine a coach for resting his players in the best interest of his team ?
# 1 Da_Czar @ Nov 30
Would love to hear from Roster makers on tonights show.
# 2 naot2010 @ Nov 30
Pop knew the schedule. Why not rest the players against the worse teams in this stretch of games. But if your players are healthy they should play. He's been doing it for a few years and they haven't won a title since 2007.
# 3 Da_Czar @ Nov 30
Some people make the argument that the division games that have after the miami game hold more significance for them as a team so resting them here makes more sense.
# 4 naot2010 @ Nov 30
Bench players playing against lesser teams makes sense. If Miami and SA end up with same record,meet in the finals, heat could have home court advantage
# 5 eaterofworlds888 @ Dec 3
I believe competition would really help out. At this point 2k has no competition and while they are still making great games, there are some issues that they just don't seem to care much about at all, updated rosters being the forefront of those issues.
# 6 Da_Czar @ Dec 4
@eaterofworlds888 I completely agree. With some things no matter how good of a game your developing; There is nothing like getting showed up publicly in an area that motivates the upper management to make sure that area is shored up for the next release.
# 7 naot2010 @ Dec 4
2k might not have accurate rosters because they know the community spends time making them. it keeps the game in the communities system and it stays on people's lips and minds like a controversy. the more the game is discussed the more they feel feel accomplished. without competition, controversy is the next best thing
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