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What Next Gen Games Are you Enjoying? 
Posted on November 28, 2013 at 01:58 PM.
Just thought it would be nice to get some feedback on what Next Gen games you guys are getting the most from. In order of preference my choices are:-

1) Madden NFL 25 - Yes I know this game might not look as next gen as the other releases & is an obvious port from current gen but I'm just loving this game at the moment. It's one game that's retained its modes from current gen & plays the best game of console Football for a long time. Surely next year we will see the end of pre rendered cut scenes though!

2) FIFA 14 - Would probably be my number one if EA hadn't omitted Tournament Mode. There's no denying how good this game looks & plays. Very fluid & a lot of fun.

3) Forza 5 - With Forza already such a solid title on current gen it was quite a task to revolutionise it for next gen. The visuals are better, but not the step up I thought it would be. Again that's likely because it already looked so good anyway. Driveatar is the way all racing games need to go. It adds an element of the unknown to each race.

I refrained from putting NBA 2K14 on the list as I didn't buy the game because I don't like where 2K have gone with the Career Mode (Full 30 Team Control is a must for me). I have had the opportunity to play the game though. It's a step up for sure but I still find the current gen version a great game & current gen still has Association.
# 1 Eski33 @ Nov 28
I too am loving Madden. The details are incredible. IMO, underrated.

2K14. Hard to not like the gameplay and visuals.

FIFA. Haven't owned FIFA in years but it looks and plays incredible.

BF4. Makes the last gen version look like an Atari game. Unreal how much better the game looks.

CoD. Playing it but it is getting little attention at this point.
# 2 Eski33 @ Nov 28
I didn't play much if current gen but enough to compare the two. A few bulletpoints:

AI is smarter
Tackling, blocking, catching and running much better. I was using Lynch. He went into the pile near the goal line and his head snapped as his head hit a shoulder. The collision detection is solid. The tackling is smooth. I also had a long TD run with Lynch where he was hit up high, he spun, caught his balance and took off. It was a sweet thing to see.

The details of the stadiums and fields are much cleaner. The turf looks real.

The uniforms are extremely detailed. Helmets looks cleaner.

The line interaction is way improved especially with defensive lineman using hands. Looks real good.

I know a lot has been said that it looks like current gen. The presentation is the same. The controls are the same and the visuals from a distance look close. However, IMO, the game plays better. It's not that huge leap but there is a difference.

Oh, and crowds react more realistic.

I can't guarantee you wil like it, depends on what you are looking for. I am loving it more than any Madden I have played in ages.
# 3 poloelite @ Dec 1
Man, Madden and COD feel like the same game as current gen to me. Forza and NBA 2K are the only games that feel/look like next gen to me.
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