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triplechin is offline
# 8
triplechin @ Aug 24, 2017
Hey Deuce, sorry to bother but I have been working on a franchise write up. I was wondering if I could use some of your pictures for my write up. Or, if you were interested in seeing what I have to say and want to collaborate, that would be even better! Thanks, feel free to send a PM if youre interested
Sucram7777 is offline
# 7
Sucram7777 @ Jul 14, 2017
After seeing your podcast with SimFballCritic and Smitty, it hit me; YOU'RE the guy behind the "Badge System" in Geodude's Signature?
shadesofalan is offline
# 6
shadesofalan @ Mar 13, 2017
Mr. DeuceDouglas have been reading your franchise posts and actually found you on a thread about custom playbooks that was started by Vannwolfhawk. Your insight was intriguing enough that I read your writing on Dynamic Game Plans. Really just starting to get back to Madden after many years and Franchise Mode is my favorite. Like everyone else hoping that EA starts to see this as something that most of us enjoy as much as head to head competition and improve this area for us who want to tweak without going through so many steps. Anyways just letting you know I would like to send an add to friends prompt if that would be fine with you. Thanks for reading two thumbs up for your insight and work.
BengalsUltimacy is offline
# 5
BengalsUltimacy @ Aug 20, 2014
Hey, really like your work, if you got time, you think you could make a Geno Atkins PS4 cover? Thanks in advance.
Andrewgarcia2232 is offline
# 4
Andrewgarcia2232 @ Aug 11, 2014
Hi there I really love your madden covers and I was just wondering if you'd be willing to make me one for ps3 with both cam newton and luke kuechly on the cover? And if not one with just one of them for ps3 would be just as awesome! Thanks for reading this!
Jets3232 is offline
# 3
Jets3232 @ Jun 11, 2014
Hello sorry to bother you but can you make a new york jets sheldon richardson in home uni madden cover plz
cjshep5 is offline
# 2
cjshep5 @ Jun 9, 2014
2 question, 1. Do you color correct your players on your covers? 2. Are you a member on
SaintsNATION32 is offline
# 1
SaintsNATION32 @ May 10, 2012
Duce can u photo shop the virtual down indicator that pops up on the field as the QB walks up to center its part of every broadcast and every network has their own style.....this something I've been beggin for.....forever.....
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