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Micheal Vick 
Posted on June 2, 2009 at 04:25 PM.
Well i just read an article about micheal vick and i was wondering if anyone has an imput on where he should go. I think micheal vick will be drafted on a team because after all he is a good runner. I dont support what he did but everyone deserves a second chance. Micheal Vick has done his time and if he really loves football he wouldnt do anything bad again.There's a very big Risk and Reward factor that i read about on Nfl Network's website and i think its worth taking the risk. What do you guys think?
# 1 Jamin23 @ Jun 2
It's kinda like school. If you get suspended once ok first offense. Get suspended again strike two and if you get suspended on more time than that's your third strike "Your out". You don't get anymore chances you are expelled. Same deal with Michael Vick. Look how many chances Pacman Jones has gotten.
# 2 CKW11 @ Jun 2
Well first of all he's not gonna be drafted, but i think he would fit good with the 49ers like Football Schemer said, or maybe even the Raiders cause they have a history of taking in troubled players. I really hope the guy gets a second chance. Everyone makes mistakes, and he's paid his debt.
# 3 rainesdaddy @ Jun 2
My thinking is yes he'll be back in the league, just not yet. I think he is and should go CFL route, just to show. Play QB up there, so teams know that's what he wants to play. Media scrutiny won't be as bad(my opinion).But if he just wants to return to the league, play any position, DA RAIDERS!Al never turns down a percieved villain with some speed.
# 4 ATRAINOLSM2293 @ Jun 4

Runnin the wildcat with Vick and Percy Harvin and then handin the ball of to AP

Oh damn its over
# 5 rudyjuly2 @ Jun 5
The 49ers have said they aren't interested but I think he might be a good fit there. The Rams are allegedly interested.

I think Vick has served his time and should be allowed to play after a 4-8 game suspension. I think it will take time to get his skills back and I don't think he'll ever be a good passing QB. He never raised his game the last few years in Atlanta and also seemed to lose his ability to win which is why he was praised in the first place.
# 6 FOREST007 @ Jun 5
the bills said they weren't interested in gotta love that one

but i would like for my favorite player to stay in the NFC south, so i would rather him go to carolina and have a chance at winning a title.

Vick + Williams + Stewart + Smith = complete offense
# 7 bigsmallwood @ Jun 5
Vikings!!! They would be the best fit!!!
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