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HKS Racing Controller 
Posted on December 9, 2010 at 03:30 PM.
So Iíve been using HKS Racing controller for a day now and I must say Iím pleased and annoyed at the same time. I hope this helps some people who are on the fence with this alternative to the PS3 analog controller and people without the space for a true wheel.

Controller: I wish it was a wireless controller but, itís not a deal breaker for me. Maybe the HKS2 will be wireless. The cord is long enough that I didnít feel like I was pulling it out of the ps3 at anytime. Sometimes I can get a little crazy when playing racing games, like moving the controller in the direction of where Iím going. Anyway, I like the solid feel of the controller and its sturdiness. It feels solid in my (big hands & fingers) and never did I feel like it was too small. It has a non slip feel on the back and red racing look on the front. It makes me feel like Iím using a racing controller and not the regular one. Thatís just me though. The digital read out on the controller is in one word, useless. Not once have I looked down to see how much pressure I was putting on the pedals. I guess its eye candy for the designer, thatís the only thing I can think off.

Buttons: While Iíve been switching back and forth between GT5 and NFS Shift and I loved the button on the back of the controller that lets you shift between each game easily. Thatís really nice to see as it saves time and you donít have to change the button layout in either game. Of course if you wanted to you can. Thereís a macro button on the controller that lets you remap the controller how you want it. If you didnít want to use the wheel or accelerated/brake pads you donít have to.

Steering wheel: Iíve seen some people say they like the wheel and others say they donít. I think it comes down to personal preference. I donít find it twitchy at all and have no problem staying on my driving line. The faster you go the harder it is to stay on that line but, thatís the way it supposed to be. I donít like using the analog stick as the steering wheel and this helps tremendously. I still find myself using the analog stick only out of habit. I move back to the wheel as soon as I feel like Iím using it. Again, trying to re-program 10 + years of PS gaming. In NFS only, I found that you can change the steering sensitivity and other commands if you need to make it feel tighter. I think its fine but, thatís personal preference.

Miscellaneous: This may be an isolated incident but, everyone once in a while when Iím searching in the menus the controller will disconnect, tell me to reconnect and press start. Iím not sure if this has been happening to anyone but, itís a little annoying. It has only happened once during a race however but, has happened with both games. Little strange so if anyone else is having this issue please let me know.

Final Verdict: I would give it an 8/10, all in all nice alternative to a real wheel and better than the regular analog controller. However; because of the disconnect issue Iím going to give it a 5/10. If it comes to be something with my system usb ports or I have a bad controller Iíll go back to the 8/10. Hopefully it has nothing to do with the manufacturing of it and I just have a bad one. If youíre on the fence about it, donít have the space to get a wheel, or the money and hate using the controller Iíd say pick it up. If you have the space and money, get the wheel. But, this is a nice controller and will continue to use it with all my racing games.

Till next time DTV readers.
Same Dirty time, same Dirty Channel.
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# 1 Radja @ Apr 2
good review. i have the same controller. i like it a lot. i do the same thing with the analog stick. i notice i am using it when i cannot make a turn. there are times i wish the wheel had a little more turning radius, but overall it improved my driving in most games.

the one real issue i have is holding both the brake and gas pedal down at the same time when i need to make certain turns.

i use it for dirt, GT5, and nfs shift mostly.
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