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Fight Night 4 Boxing Tips Stuck
Posted on June 27, 2009 at 09:27 PM.
Well I am in my legacy with a created boxer in the heavyweight division 31(29)-1-0. I am the undisputed champ and have KO'd Tyson, Ali, Foreman, Toney, Morrison and Chambers. All except Toney was a real challenge. What I love about this game is the realism. Here are some keys to success I use for a big heavyweights with a long reach.

1. Know your boxer
2. Know your boxer
3. Know your boxer

I needed to drive this home. With me using a big fighter with a long reach(ie Lewis/Foreman type player) I stay outside use the jab and straight combos to weardown the health. I leadin in with the jab or straight. If the boxer is a peekabo fighter I sometime leadin with a body shot but I always try to finish a combo with a jab or straight. Why, because those 2 shots are my most powerful due to my long reach. So,for those who say the jab and straight isn't powerful it is probably because you are using the wrong type of boxer because all the licensed fighters I beat within the first 5 rounds peppering with the jab/straight combo. About 90% of my KOs are from the straight/jab

4. Stay Disciplined

If you are throwing more than 5 combos in a row you will probably get knocked out period plus you are draining your stamina which you will need during the latter rounds as you still want some 'pop' and speed on your shots. You must do between 1-5 combos and get out while always protecting your head after your combo. Try and stay in the middle of the ring at all times and pushing off is your friend when boxers like Tyson start charging you and he was the most fierce boxer I faced as far as charging is concerned. For example, I throw a (jab-jab-straight and then block against a headshot as I get out of the boxer's reach) and reset over again. Also,once you have stunned your fighter don't go rushing in because they are just going to clinch. You haveto get within range close enough to lead in with the jab/straight combo without getting too close for them to clinch. Out of all the knockdowns against opponents in my legacy which is well over 80 I can remember only twice I didn't floor someone after being stunned.

5. Ratings

Don't be intimidated by them as I was an overall 77 when I meet Ali and he was kissing the floor in the 3rd and I finished him off in the 4th. The key is make sure you are at least 85 in the following areas: right/left hand power, stamina, head/body toughness and chin.

FYI, my one loss was my fifth fight early in my career where I fought a guy 5' 11" just over 200 pounds and got Ko'd because I thought I could just beat him down since I am 6' 6" 245 lbs and try to slug it out and got caught twice with a nice counter uppercut in the 3rd and counter hook in 4th round. Which lead me to my last point which is know your opponent because if he likes to counter don't fall for always throwing the first punch.

Again most of these points are for guys with a long reach. I haven't created someone with a shorter reach yet but the stay disciplined applies to both.

Here is a video showing you a few thing in the short amount of time I was allotted.

1. Short combo with head blocking after
2. push off with a beautiful jab after the push

If you look at the video I have maybe 8 clean shots versus his 2 or 3(body shots) and that's in about 16 seconds . After a few rounds of this he would be kissing the canvas lol

# 1 Steve_OS @ Jun 28
Thanks Dave, great stuff.
# 2 KofiJamal @ Jun 28
Great post. I'm loving this game, but I swear I often get my feelings hurt by NOT obeying the rules with this game and thinking I'm cute. lol
# 3 BlackRome @ Jun 29
So you created a 6'6 245 pound fighter.
It's a great game. So why create the cheese.
# 4 BlackRome @ Jun 29
jusmegamer: Dave should know. Creating 6'6 boxers is one way the game will lose it's appeal.
# 5 DolfanDave @ Jun 29
Please read my blog slowly next time and with comprehension. I started my legacy using a Lennox type boxer. If you believe a 6' 6" fighter at 245 is cheese as a heavyweight then you don't watch boxing . My next created fighter will be someone of the tyson statue which will completely change my strategy. This is my legacy so how can this lose its appeal when I will be creating different style/size fighters in different weight classes. This was a tutorial on how to win using a big heavyweight(which is common in the real world lol) and when I finish this legacy I will be doing something on how to win with a smaller guy by using the inside game. The game is great because if I don't box according to the type of fighter I created or use I will lose.
# 6 BDM313 @ Jun 29
great tips even tho the stay in the middle of the ring might not be a good idea...
# 7 DolfanDave @ Jun 29
BDM313 : These tips are for outside fighters with a reach advantage. Staying in the middle of the ring is always the better choice. Ask Lennox Lewis ,the Klitcho brothers(lol) or any other big heavyweight. The reason is simply because if you aren't trying to stay in the middle.Then you can't create the distance you need to fire off the jab/straight plus fighter with a shorter reach have more power in the hook/uppercut than you so if you are inside you will lose the fight in most cases.

Again, these tips are for guys with a long reach. If this was a fighter with a shorter reach then you would do the the exact opposite of what I said which I did state in the original blog.
# 8 blackscorpion11 @ Jun 30
Good info in the post Dave, thanks for contributing..

I have to admit though, i was wondering if you could win that same belt using a pre-packaged fighter , you know a mid-level guy.. i havent bought it yet so im wondering.
# 9 blackscorpion11 @ Jun 30
Staying in the middle of the ring gives you room to move and evade, i agree with dave on that.
# 10 DolfanDave @ Jun 30
Believe it or not the type of fighter you create has everything to do with winning not the size from what I have seen.For example I created a 6' 0" 200 lbs fighter with a long reach and fought against Ali, Tyson, Lennox and foreman and beat them using the techniques I described above.

Now,I just started another legacy with a 5' 11" 215 lbs has a 71' reach so my strategy will be completely different but I will give a guide on how to beat the big boys with a 'little' guy in the heavyweight division if I am successful lol
# 11 elliottcarbone @ Jun 30
Thanks but I already knew all of this stuff. No offense but I too use a big fighter with a long reach. It is not cheese but it is an advantage say what U want. It gives u an unfair advantage fighting shorter boxers but yeah to each his own.
# 12 acts238shaun @ Jul 1
I enjoy both - inside and outside fighting - and you really have to play to you boxers strengths and opponents weaknesses in this game, especially on the higher levels. I have a 6'3" guy with a long reach, so I have had to learn both. Good post Dave.
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