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Rosters 3-8-10 
Posted on March 8, 2010 at 11:31 PM.

NBA 2K10 Rosters
Neon1 2K10 Serra Roster 3/8/10
Real 2K Insider Roster 3/5/10
Official 2K Living Rosters 3/5/10 (or was it 3/3/10)

NHL 10 Roster 2-22-09 plus Tuner set (with roster)

College Hoops 2K8 Rosters
3 rosters for 09-10 not sure how good they are, but for those looking for new rosters these are the newest with most downloads (80-110 downloads)

Unfortunately, I am unable to get new EA NCAA 10 College Basketball rosters because you have to have Gold now to download these and my Gold has expired. If I upgrade again soon, I will post at least the roster someone on here asked about.

I probably will pick up MLB 2K10 for the 360 this Wednesday or over the weekend since it looks like fun. I already have MLB 10 The Show, but even though that is where I go to get my baseball sim fix, the gameplay can get just a little stale (not that that is a bad thing, sometimes if its not broke, don't fix it). But, I think I will have fun with 2k10 too. Maybe I will rent it first. We'll see. I will definitely try to get the patch for you guys in either case.

Let me know when that patch is coming out, so I can either buy the game by then, or rent it.
# 1 pochi10 @ Mar 9
thanks again doc. God bless.
# 2 davis420 @ Mar 9
I rented MLB2K10 and I think it is a very fun game. I have the Show but it's nice to have something different to play every now and then.
# 3 jiki123 @ Mar 9
Thanks~!! So good update~!!
# 4 jhoff80 @ Mar 9
For the record, there was a small day 1 patch for MLB 2k10 (though not the one bringing the expected check swing feature).
# 5 cajuncook @ Mar 9
you're awesome, man. thank you so much, regardless of what you decide to do with mlb2k10.
# 6 cajuncook @ Mar 9
oh, and the patch is supposedly "mid-April," but there was a release day patch... although nobody knows what it did.
# 7 EZdos-it @ Mar 10
i need the rosters for nba live 10 can u help me get em please?
# 8 DrUrsus @ Mar 13
EZdos-it, I don't have NBA Live 10 unfortunately.
# 9 AnthonyPhillips @ Mar 22
Here is the patch that came with MLB2k10.
# 10 DrUrsus @ Mar 22
Anthony Phillips, thanks for posting that for everyone!
# 11 AnthonyPhillips @ Mar 23
Not a problem at all. Just figured i'd lend a hand to those that were still looking for the release day MLB 2K10 patch.
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