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NCAA 10 Basketball Roster 
Posted on March 13, 2010 at 04:03 AM.
I found a pretty decent updated roster for the 360. I haven't had time to check out every team, but it looks better than most of the other rosters out there, and is more updated than Jason's. Ratings have been redone for a lot of players and faces were done for many. I mostly checked out the Big Ten so far. Jeff Jordan is not on Illinois.
If anyone is interested in me posting it in xchange format, just let me know, otherwise I won't waste my time.
# 1 BiggestKJ @ Mar 13
You are my savior
# 2 umkid @ Mar 13
yeah that would be awesome if you could post it in xchange format.
# 3 DrUrsus @ Mar 13
Sure, I'll try to get them up today or at the latest tomorrow.
# 4 DJ @ Mar 13
What's the file name in the EA Locker?
# 5 DrUrsus @ Mar 14
I'll post the roster in Xchange format soon. There is one called UpdatedRoster and one lodogg (I think that was his name) posted called Rosterlodogg.

DJwlfpack, I haven't uploaded the roster yet to the EA locker, but I will do that today. When I do, I will post the name here. These are not my rosters, and I have not had time to scrutinize the quality, so some feedback here would be great. Thanks guys.
# 6 DrUrsus @ Mar 14
Forgot to mention, I like the UpdatedRoster one from the criteria I had time to look at (mainly the Big Ten).
# 7 DrUrsus @ Mar 14
OK, they should be uploaded to the EA locker. Don't think you need to send a friend request, but if you do, send it to Peanut Buster P (that is not my Xbox Live handle). The name of the roster is DrUrsus and the author is Peanut Buster P
# 8 DrUrsus @ Mar 14
Author of the UpdatedRosters is capt KINESH to give credit where credit is due
# 9 DrUrsus @ Mar 14
The other roster, rosterlodogg author is SlimPickins3030 (I think).
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