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DrUrsus's Chalkboard
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# 181
DrUrsus @ Jan 24, 2011
RyDo, sorry my man, I don't have them anymore
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# 180
DrUrsus @ Jan 13, 2011
jdub432010, sorry I don't know where you can find a patch for head coach 09. I never had the patch myself. Good luck in your quest.
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# 179
DrUrsus @ Jan 2, 2011
Happy New Year to you too Bonannogiovanni!
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# 178
bonannogiovanni @ Dec 31, 2010
Long time no see DrUrsus, may I wish you a happy new year!
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# 177
rooney8 @ Jul 19, 2010
I think DrUrsus has switched to Ps3 so no more 360 updates. We got to find someone new. I would definately donate to someone who would go to trouble for us bums. Maybe the guy who put up the rosters would put up the patch aswell.
Peji911 heres the squads from the start of the WC
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# 176
Peji911 @ Jul 13, 2010
Hey man... could you please download the FIFA 2010 World Cup rosters and update?

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# 175
DrUrsus @ May 8, 2010
FYI for PS3 owners, if you have a MLB.TV subscription, you can now watch games (new and old) on your PS3 by downloading MLBTV on the PS3. It looks great on a big TV, and buffers really well with hardly any skipping (unless you have a slow connection). I really enjoy it when I want to watch in my entertainment room. I have not seen that for the xbox 360 last I looked however (which was 2 or so weeks ago).
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# 174
DrUrsus @ May 8, 2010
Yes, bonanno, but I have the weekend off! I hope to get some MLB the Show in today, and I am going to a ballgame tonight at the new Target Field. Hope all is well with you too.

Moemoe24, Like Bonnano mentioned I have been working on a big clinical research project, and have just been busier in general. Hope you're doing well too, and hope you have been able to get more MLB The Show gaming in than I have this year. I have probably only played <10 total games this year of the Show. That is why I didn't make any sliders this year. I should see what pbz did with his pitching sliders since he came up with those last year, and we tend to like the same style. Just came on this am to find out if Knight has his rosters done.
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# 173
bonannogiovanni @ May 5, 2010
Doc, welcome back to OS my friend

still busy with your research project?
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# 172
moemoe24 @ Apr 19, 2010
Whats up Dr.!!! Wondering where you been this year and just happen to see an old PM you sent last year and clicked your name. I see now from your chalk board that you've been real busy. Anyway, just wanted to say whats up and hope youre doin well.
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# 171
terpsfan1978 @ Apr 14, 2010
DrUrsus....anyway you can post an updated NHL 10 roster for the playoffs? Thx in advance
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# 170
bonannogiovanni @ Mar 31, 2010
Now I understand why you sold all your 360 games, lol
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# 169
DrUrsus @ Mar 31, 2010
bonnano, I'm currently involved in an interventional pain (back pain) research project as well as work which is consuming a lot of my time, that is why I haven't been able to be on OS much this year. So, unfortunately, I have only been able to play a couple of games of the MLB the Show 10 I am really missing the days of putting in a couple of games a night. So I don't have any new sliders this year. I think when this wraps up, I will be able to get some good gaming in and hopefully come up with some good sliders.
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# 168
brarstar @ Mar 30, 2010
Thanks for all the hardwork, hopefully theres someone out there that can help us non-broadband gamers..
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# 167
rooney8 @ Mar 29, 2010
Thanks very much for all the updates DrUrsus. Much appreciated and hope they continue but if not here's a site with game updates although they don't have too many roster updates elitemodscene
but they might add them if you ask.
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# 166
bonannogiovanni @ Mar 29, 2010
Hi DrUrsus, I'm still using your 09 sliders in The Show 10, gameplay is realistic, however I now find them a little too easy (both user and cpu, so it doesn't necessarily mean it's easier to win), my last game was a 10-9 loss 18-12 hits. So did yo make any adjustments? Happy gaming, looking forward to the 11 season.......
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# 165
jiki123 @ Mar 28, 2010
Ok, DrUrsus, Thanks for your kindness.
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# 164
DrUrsus @ Mar 28, 2010
Mooch49, you're welcome. I have been glad to contribute to the community. I do it because I remembered not having broadband a few years ago when it wasn't as widespread, and appreciated people posting in Xchange. So, I have just been returning the favor. Plus, I appreciate the hard work the roster makers here at OS do, and am glad to help spread their hard work so that those without broadband, Xbox Live, or have been banned (lol) can still play with good rosters.
I can't tell you how much more fun and realistic the games are since guys like Knight (for MLB The Show), DKrause, Neon, etc. work hard on the rosters and put out some great rosters.
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# 163
DrUrsus @ Mar 28, 2010
I don't know of anyone, but when the new video game sports season comes around, I may continue to buy for 360, I haven't decided yet. I usually base it on which version is best for each game and how much roster support which version is getting (I have noticed more of the roster makers transitioning to the PS3, like in the case of NCAA 10 College basketball). Plus, I have a second 360 in another room, so sometimes that is nice to play outside of the main room. So, anyway, I may still post patches, rosters etc. when NCAA 11 Football, Madden 11, NBA 2K11, NHL 11, etc. come around next video game sports year.
I will be spending most of my summer video game time on MLB The Show, and currently am playing NCAA 10 Basketball on the PS3 since I liked the rosters made for the PS3 (BCSPlus9rerated) better this year.
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# 162
pochi10 @ Mar 28, 2010
please drusus if you know someone who will continue your work let us know. (
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# 161
mooch49 @ Mar 28, 2010
no problem DrUrsus. thanks for all your uploads the last couple of years.
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# 160
DrUrsus @ Mar 28, 2010
I have no 360 sports games at this time, so I won't be able to post any more patches, rosters etc (til the next sports season if I don't switch over to PS3 entirely).

I just don't think I am going to buy MLB 2K10 this year since I have MLB 10 The Show, and don't have enough time to play 2 baseball games this year. I ended up selling my NCAA 10 BB 360 version for the PS3 version since I wanted to use those rosters instead for the tournament, and I don't have to pay for Gold to get rosters (this game required me to have Gold this year in order to get into the EA locker which pissed me off to be honest with you. I don't play online, so I don't want to pay for Gold. Even though I can afford Gold, I don't like to throw my money away.
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# 159
DrUrsus @ Mar 28, 2010
mooch49, I don't have MLB2K10 and am not sure I am going to buy it this year.

jiki123, I sold NBA 2K10 (as well as my other 360 games from the past sports season) (got a good price for them and not playing them anymore), Hopefully, maybe someone else can get those rosters to you.
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# 158
jiki123 @ Mar 28, 2010
DrUrsus, Thanks, Neon1`s latest roster please.
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# 157
mooch49 @ Mar 27, 2010
is it possible to upload mlb2k10's latest roster. i believe it is from the 23rd. i would really appreciate it. thanks.
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# 156
jperalta61 @ Mar 27, 2010
just wanted to let you know latest neon roster is

Neon1 Roster (Official Release 3-26-10)
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# 155
DrUrsus @ Mar 27, 2010
jiki, OK,I will try that tomorrow. deaths..., I will try to post that tomorrow as well.
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# 154
jiki123 @ Mar 23, 2010
Hi DrUrsus, read down, C C Serra 11 's Neon playbook roster`s problem,

make sure you're not under the official roster section when you search. I had the same problem, but it worked when i switched from that section into newest or highest rated.
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# 153
pochi10 @ Mar 22, 2010
thanks for answering my question. i thought you are from asia. ) btw thanks again for the rosters
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# 152
jiki123 @ Mar 22, 2010
Ok DrUrsus, So can you upload neon`s the newest roster nba2k10?
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# 151
DrUrsus @ Mar 21, 2010
OK, I am unable to download C C Serra 11 's Neon playbook right now for some unknown reason. I will try to do it again sometime soon.

I should have the other stuff up soon too. The newest NHL 10 roster was dated 3/9 and I think I may have already posted that, but since maybe I did not and there is a new tuner set, I will post it again.
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# 150
DrUrsus @ Mar 21, 2010
Pochi10 I am in the United States.
I haven't had a chance to pick up MLB 2K10 yet however.
I will post this years NCAA 10 Basketball Tournament brackets along with correct rankings and stats based off a pretty good roster, but it will be under my profile (I haven't figured out a way around that ), so if you want to use it you will have to use one of the programs to transfer saves from one profile to another. Please see my blog post on where to find those programs. I personally haven't had a need to use them, so I don't know much about them except that they exist. I think Tonybologna knows about it, you can ask him how to use it once you find it.
I will also put the NBA 2K10 and NHL rosters on there, just give me a little time tonight, and i will have all that up!
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# 149
pochi10 @ Mar 20, 2010
thanks will wait for it.

btw doc from what country are you?
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# 148
DrUrsus @ Mar 19, 2010
Hi, I will probably pick up MLB 2K10 this weekend, like Sunday, then I will post the patch as soon as I possibly can.

Yes, I will be able to post the NBA 2K10 you requested.

Yes, I will be able to post the NHL 10 rosters.

Probably will be Sunday since I will be out of town til then.
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# 147
mikeveli20 @ Mar 19, 2010
Any chance of getting the latest MLB 2k10 patch up for us without Xbox Live?
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# 146
jperalta61 @ Mar 18, 2010
is it possible to get serra & neon nba 2k10 latest rosters? think they finally have a final set done. thanks appreciate what you do for the offline community

heres the roster name
Gamertag:C C Serra11
Title:Neon playbooks for all the teams
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# 145
pochi10 @ Mar 17, 2010
any updates for nba 2k10 ?
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# 144
brarstar @ Mar 17, 2010
Hey I figured out how to use the new tuners just wondering about the rosters now or if you know of someone that has it posted already.

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# 143
brarstar @ Mar 16, 2010
Hey DrUrsus I was wondering whenever you had time if you could upload the newest NHL 10 rosters from after the deadline. Also for NHL 10 how do I use the tuner sets are they in the roster file or in the profile file?
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# 142
bonannogiovanni @ Mar 16, 2010
DrUrsus, the MLB 2K10 patch is out. It adds check swing, amongst other things....
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# 141
DrUrsus @ Mar 8, 2010
I'll get the new NBA 2K 10 rosters. I will probably pick up MLB 2K10 on Wednesday.
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# 140
The Kid 24 @ Mar 7, 2010
Doc... I got the lastest roster from someone else... If possible could you post the March 8th roster, maybe? Thanks tho bud!!
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# 139
pochi10 @ Mar 7, 2010
hey doc the new roster is out. hoping you could post it. thanks
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# 138
jiki123 @ Mar 6, 2010
Hi DrUrsus~!!

I know that you are busy man.

If you have the time, this file update here.

Neon1 2k10 Roster (3-5-10)

It dosen`t matte if you are late~
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# 137
DrUrsus @ Mar 4, 2010
Po Milw,

Sure, I will post it, but it probably won't be until Saturday morning or at the earliest Friday night. Let me know if you get it from someone else sooner.
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# 136
The Kid 24 @ Mar 2, 2010
Hey doc... Any chance you could post the 3/1 roster for The Show? Thanks so much bud!!!!
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# 135
pochi10 @ Mar 1, 2010
ok doc tnx. any update for nba 2k10?
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# 134
DrUrsus @ Feb 28, 2010
pochi10, I don't have NBA Live 10. I only bought NBA 2K10 this year.

Bonannogiovanni, thanks for helping out here I've had to work all weekend
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# 133
pochi10 @ Feb 23, 2010
hi doc do you have roster update for nba live 10?

btw tnx for sharing rosters for 2k10
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# 132
bonannogiovanni @ Feb 22, 2010
Lisa_Bonami, the latest tuner has nothing to do with the cache folder, it's a file in the game save folder of the game, named something like "profile..." plus a sequence of numbers. DrUrsus has already posted it in his latest roster update.
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