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NCAA 14 Needs Excitement 
Posted on February 9, 2013 at 01:33 AM.
EA has worked tirelessly trying to deliver fans the exact sights and sounds of an actual college football game. For the most part they've done a pretty decent job. Semi-customized entrances are enjoyable for the first two weeks of the game, but then they just get annoying. It's the same with the game breaks.

Basically, EA puts a lot of effort into making your first game or dynasty a fantastic experience. However, as you play multiple games or start new dynasty's, the excitement is gone. This raises my question, "Will EA make NCAA 14 exciting for more than just the first game?"

To be honest, I probably won't fork out 60 dollars if I'm just going to see the same outro and intro over and over again. Not only are they redundant, but they are the very thing that EA brags about. They feel that their college atmosphere sets them apart from everyone else. Well they may have the players (or at least their numbers), they may have the jerseys, and they may have the fans, but they don't have the excitement.

It's the little things that make college football exciting. It's the crowd running onto the field. Dynamic recruiting wars between powerhouses. It's big time players performing in big time games...and the commentators actually notice the relevance and importance of season altering games!

All I want is to be surprised. I don't want NCAA 14 to be too predictable. They may not be able to include an update show or anything like that. Fine, I understand, but at least make the game exciting. If the game is intense, make the crowd louder. If I throw a game winning touchdown, have all of my players run onto the field. Then show shots of their cornerback covering his head in shame. Have Nessler and Herbstreit recognize the significance of the play.

This is all I ask.
# 1 jethrotull @ Feb 9
Ditto on Rudolph's point games both stink without it
# 2 $NevaBroke$ @ Feb 10
Ducks what you are asking is the same features every fan of this game has been asking for year after year. The problem with this game is every time they try to add a new feature like "gang tackle"(not even a feature btw) the gameplay engine takes a crap and they can't fix the issue until their 5th or 6th patch. I buy the game every year and true fans know between patches, getting a good roster download, and freezing issues the game does'nt even play right until around January of the new year. What we all want is a true overall college experience: Teams from up north should fatigue faster when they play in Georgia or Florida, different celebs should be shown on the sidelines at USC, and there is nothing like hearing Tirico break down players background and tell their journey to the school they wear colors for. Where is the U.S. Army, east vs. west shrine, or under armor game? Where is the spring game? Senior bowl? But we have mascot mash-up??? This franchise has soo much potential, but moves at a snails pace with hints of advertising something it is not...authentic. I stopped having high expectations for this franchise years ago, but I still dream of what could be if 2K had the college football liscense. As always I still need my college football fix during the off season and will continue to play the game and live with its flaws. Maybe I will be surprised when ncaa 14 is released, but I'm not betting on it. #EXPECTATIONSTOOHIGH
# 3 SkillzKillz719 @ Feb 10
I agree fully... it's going to reallllly piss me off if Ben shows 5 new entrances and try and convince us how it makes it feel like a Saturday afternoon...

Sadly though I feel like either way I'm getting NCAA 14 because I need my college football fix too bad.
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