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Why The 3DS Will Lose Stuck
Posted on February 15, 2012 at 07:44 PM.

Is it really going to happen again? Is Nintendo going to get their product out first only to fail in the long run?

The simple and short answer is yes.

With the Playstation Vita launching today, the Nintendo 3DS is about to sit six feet under. With a lack luster lineup, an insane price tag and a main feature that is hardly ever featured, Nintendoís newest handheld is about to bite the dust. And hereís why.

The 3D Technology

When I first popped Madden into my 3DS, I was pretty impressed. Not with the rushed gameplay of Madden, but the no-glasses-needed 3D. It was awesome; it was beautiful; my neck cramped. As most of you have heard, you need to hold the system in its ďsweet spotĒ in order to view the awesomeness. After a while I just simply turned the 3D off so I could enjoy the games without seeing a chiropractor.

But then I realized something this morning when I started playing some more Mario Kart. The 3D was still off. Iíve played a handful of games on this system including Madden, PES, Ridge Racer, Starfox and Zelda. I forgot to turn on the 3D. Does that make me stupid? No, it makes Nintendo stupid. They failed to utilize this insanely awesome technology. Why do people like 3D? Because it looks sweet when someone shoots an arrow at you or when youíre falling from the sky. Some people call them gimmicks, but those are the reasons 3D is so impressive. Nintendo just banked on everyone thinking it looked cool.

I may be playing the wrong games, and if so please tell me what I should pick up.

The Game Lineup

This plagues every single Nintendo system. It has all the hype of a new, epic feature, but it doesnít have the lineup to give it any backing. The best game on the 3DS as of now is The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time Ė a game that was released on the Nintendo 64, then rereleased on the Gamecube, then rereleased on the Wii. So youíre telling me the best game on a system is one that has been released four times? No wonder Nintendo canít get over the hump.

The best sports game so far: PES, hands down. It was actually a very enjoyable game of soccer. It was part of the systemís release, along with Madden and Ridge Racer. As I said, PES was great, but the other two were simply mediocre.

Now for the Vitaís sports lineup: FIFA, Hot Shots Golf, Wipeout 2048, Virtua Tennis, Modnation Racers, Ridge Racer, Supremacy MMA, F1 2011 and Asphalt Injection. Thatís not even including MLB: The Show 12, which comes out two weeks after, or all of the mainstream games such as Uncharted and Marvel vs. Capcom.

Support and Faith in the System

Iím not talking about how you see all the Internet ragers going off on how much they hate the 3DS, Iím talking about how often Nintendo talks up the system themselves. They donít.

How can we have faith in a system when the company that made it has as little as we do?

Sony has been constantly talking about what the Vita can and will do once itís released. They havenít let up. Not once. My hype is higher than it has ever been for any system. Why? Because Sony wants it to be. Iíll probably get my hopes up, but for now Iím itching to get my hands on this new handheld.

From what I have seen, heard and read, the 3DS killed itself, and now the Vita is about to come in and sweep the season series. Sony made a handheld that has damn good games and graphics; no 3D gimmick, no promise of a new X-feature. Theyíre simply taking what they already have and making it better.
# 1 DubTrey1 @ Feb 15
Great post - I think the 3DS is dead. Why, other than all of those points listed here - but more importantly because my 7 year old says so. While I rarely if ever play a game on a handheld device, my kids determine my purchases of these items. He is really interested in the Vita and I will likely trade in his DSXL only to get the Vita for him considering the tech and gaming that is offered on it. Plus the ability and flexibility it offers in conjunction with the PS3 is a win win for me...

So long Nintendo.... you are officially falling behind IMO. Sony, Microsoft and Apple are providing the next entertainment options for the next generation of gamer.
# 2 eaterofworlds888 @ Feb 15
I really like Nintendo and a lot of their original game series. Especially Zelda

But they need to focus more on sports games. I remember I had to suffer through no college BBall games when I had a gamecube and no NBA 2k games after 2k3

They did have NCAA Basketball 2k3 on gamecube but it was so rare it was like $120 bucks on ebay at the time.
# 3 statnut @ Feb 15
I've been complaining for years about the lack of good sports games on the portable Nintendo systems. There hasn't been an NHL game on a Nintendo portable since NHL 2002 or NHL Hitz. Decent baseball titles have been lacking, as have hoops.

I've often wondered why Nintendo didn't try their own hand at a Baseball series. A proper one. They don't even need to use MLB players, something along the lines of Baseball Stars (create your own teams and players) would kill on a DS.
# 4 mestevo @ Feb 16
There's a difference between failing a console simply not being for you, which seems to be the case. The 3DS is on pace to beat the DS, the Vita will probably only outsell it in February for the launch and trail until the expected price cuts and revisions are announced.
# 5 mestevo @ Feb 16
...missed an 'and' in there.
# 6 blunaxela @ Feb 16
Sigh, a misinformed sports gamer.

"With a lack luster lineup, an insane price tag and a main feature that is hardly ever featured"

Um. $150 aint bad at all (GS has them for 150, Many places giving $20 in credit if you buy one as well). AT ALL. PS Vita is at least $100 more and if you want memory and a game, could be up to $200 more.

Also, the 3D feature is used very well in most games, especially ones created by Nintendo such as Super Mario 3D Land.

"The best sports game so far"

I understand this is a sports blog, but come on... 3DS wasn't really made for sports games. I'll give that to PSP/Vita users. They just work better on those systems.

"From what I have seen, heard and read, the 3DS killed itself,"

You must not have read very much. The 3DS is the fastest selling system of all time, ever. It has picked up ridiculous amounts of steam in the last few months, more than doubling its sales. The PSVita sales are very poor. They've sold 1/4 of the sales of the regular Nintendo DS in the last week and 1/12 of the 3DS sales.

I just wish people wouldn't write articles based on false information and get their facts straight.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Vita hated. I plan on picking one up in the next year, but this article is just wrong.
# 7 aceoye @ Feb 16
You wrote this article close minded like a dummy.
# 8 Captain Silverado @ Feb 16
I came in here to write exactly what blunaxela wrote. You really have no idea what you're talking about at all. The Wii outsold both the PS3 and Xbox 360 (also is near to outselling both of them combined), and the DS outsold the PSP by more than double. I also have to call attention to how you call $209.98 (3DS with memory card included, and one game) an "insane price point" compared to $319.97 (PS Vita, 4 GB memory card, and Uncharted: GA). Sports games don't determine whether a console lives or dies, the market for sports games is a lot smaller than you seem to think. Wait until more, better Mario games come out like Paper Mario, and Super Smash Bros. 3D, then we'll see which console is dead. Don't get me wrong, I have my Vita pre-ordered, and have a space cleared for it next to my 3DS, but I'm not delusional enough to think the 3DS will fail.
# 9 rudyjuly2 @ Feb 16
The 3DS isn't for the sports gamer or hardcore guy. But as long as Nintendo keeps making Mario and other first party games it will sell. The overpriced initial price point had to come down but it will sell well and the Big N will keep making money reprinting first party games.
# 10 sarlndr @ Feb 16
Since when is $150 an insane price? What's insane is the price people will HAVE to pay for Sony's memory cards for the Vita.
# 11 Hjkflannel @ Feb 16
This article is so close minded and completely ignores the fact that Japan - due to it's appetite for handheld gaming - is the biggest player in sales. The 3DS is doing really well over there and with Monster Hunter on the system (not yet announced for VITA), it can't fail.

This Article reads like a teenager's blog, who has just ran out to buy a Vita and wants to reassure their ego after the 300 dollar spend. Can't we like both? Why does one have to win and the other lose? This is business, not sports.
# 12 shaq273 @ Feb 16
I think 3DS and Vita will both lose ... especially Vita ... because of the price point at 249 for the unit , 40-80 bucks for a memeory card and 40-50 for a game you taking almost 400 bucks ... and I can get virtually all the games on a 249 160 gb PS3 at home. for 300 bucks you can buy an ipod touch with 32 gb included , games ranging from free to 6 bucks ... and a vast libary of music and movies to chose from ... and whats so next gen about the vita ... hmmmm touchscreen .... we have that on all our smart phones ... maybe graphics which is cool but that is it. Sony just like Nintendo will drop the price point within 6 months just in time for the holiday season.
# 13 Yankees_CT @ Feb 16
Yeah....unfortunately none of this article is fact. While I do agree they need better sports games that was not the vision for the 3ds at all. Both of my kids LOVE the 3ds for various reasons. They don't even need a game - they would play with the 3d picture thing all day long if they could. Anyway, I am sorry but I am going to have to respectfully disagree.
# 14 wildinkc @ Feb 16
As others have pointed out you don't know what you are talking about. I love my 3ds. And let me get this right it is Nintendos fault that YOU turned down the 3d and that YOU did not turn it back on. MMMMMKKKKK
# 15 jyoung @ Feb 16
Nintendo had a $625 million net loss last financial quarter. It was their first reported net loss in 30 years. 30 years!

Most of that can be blamed on the sluggish 3DS launch. Sure, it's picked up sales a bit due to the huge price drop (which was mostly done out of desperation) and the holiday sales period, but the company and their latest handheld platform is taking on a lot of water at the moment.

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