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EA Taking a Page Out of 2K's Book? Stuck
Posted on April 16, 2012 at 12:29 PM.

People have been asking for it for a few years now, but it has never happened. But now, at the end of this console generation, it seems that EA Sports is borrowing a page from 2K Sports.

The announcement that Oklahoma State halfback Barry Sanders is joining Robert Griffin III on the cover is the final piece of this EA/2K puzzle.

Sanders won the Heisman in '88 -- in case you missed out, it's 2012. EA is bringing in the Heisman Challenge, which sounds like it will more than likely be similar to what we have seen the past couple year in NBA 2K games (Madden Moments don't count).

Enter The Heisman Challenge. It what seems to be the main focus of NCAA 13, The Heisman Challenge will be a draw to us all. However, we have no idea what this challenge is yet, so some should be wary not to get your hopes up.

The Heisman Challenge will likely be single-game achievements, but there is also the chance of taking in these old players and putting them in your dynasty. It isn't likely, but the thought that it could happen is enticing enough. Imagine taking the field in the Red River Shootout as Doug Flutie runs out wearing the burnt orange? That would be awesome. What if you could recruit Sanders to the Pacific Northwest and have him strap on some Oregon gear? That would add a whole new level for college football junkies.

Besides Flutie and Sanders, there will be plenty of legendary options in NCAA 13. I'm assuming that all players in the tournament will be playable, though. Which means we have Flutie, Sanders, Herschel Walker, Andre Ward, Eddie George, Desmond Howard, Marcus Allen, Charlie Ward, Tim Tebow, Mark Ingram and Matt Leinart confirmed.

It's all wishful thinking right now. But with EA seemingly wanting to put the same smile on our faces that 2K does, we could see some interesting competition the next couple years with us reaping the benefits as early as July.

Heh. Oh, well. Here's to hoping.
# 1 msuhockeycj @ Apr 16
Well Amazon's is pretty dumb advertising Michigan (Adidas team) to have Nike Pro Combats. I would assume they mean Michigan State's Pro Cmbats that they beat Michigan in last year, but hey, if they can't even get their regular jersey color right why would I expect them to get these?
# 2 Vaporub83 @ Apr 16
I have never even thought of having legends in dynasty, but that would be great. If a couple of the legends would be recruits each season, I would definitely play until they all graduated. What if Barry Sanders and Doug Flutie signed to UCLA for example could they turn UCLA into champs by the time they graduate?
# 3 rynecandy @ Apr 16
Andre Ware stated in a local sports radio show (610 am Houston) that he was the first one to go up to EA and put a suit on with all the markers and have his motions tracked. This was when the Tournament started, he didn't state what modes he would be playable.
# 4 Cubone_Jones @ Apr 16
Am I the only one that thinks recruiting past legends to your dynasties is the dumbest idea ever? I want to keep my dynasties as sim as possible.

I do think it would be cool to have a mode where it recreates the Heisman winners best moments and puts us in the game to replicate or even trump what the stars did in some of their best moments.
# 5 Vaporub83 @ Apr 16
Survivor, how would legends effect sim? Essentially they would just be the top recruits in the class. I don't think it would effect realism just because anyone could get the players. But I understand that people will share your opinion on this topic, so for that a simple option before starting your dynasty could alleviate all stress.
# 6 DustinT @ Apr 16
@Vaporub Sim means realistic. Barry Sanders being recruited out of high school in 2013 is not realistic. That's what he's saying.
# 7 Illcat @ Apr 16
I don't like the idea of having the individual player being unlocked so much. Give me the classic team that they played on instead just like 2K. If I'm not mistaken this was in earlier versions of the game, last gen I think.
# 8 carolinawolf72 @ Apr 16
If this is what Ea is spending their time and money on this year then they want be getting any of mine. Fix the game instead of adding more fluff.
# 9 khaliib @ Apr 16
For any amount of time to be spent on this just says it all.
Especially after last years issues throughout the game and in every mode.

Besides, we can create these players ourselves and place them in the recruiting pool, so how is this suppose to be something "New" or even exciting?

Kinda the same deal with the Cover voting.
Folks are making their own Custom covers now, but there's so little they've done to this game since being on Next-Gen, they're still pushing it.

Even more goofy is the thought of marketing former "Pro Football" players in a "College Football" game which in a way overshadow's the corrent College Stars of the game.

Man, the stuff they TRY and market is funny, but somebody will spend $60 for it I guess.
# 10 waltpaw @ Apr 16
They keep putting lipstick on this pig. I wish they would make some real advances like a physics based animations. No more canned graphics that are boring by week 4.
# 11 The_Gaming_Disciple @ Apr 17
At this juncture any hope for a new physics based engine is a moot point because it's not going to happen. If they will not even patch something as simple as a chain gang into the game tells you right off hand their focus. USC and Texas cheerleaders are not as important as the "sights" of the most important aspect of the game, getting another first down. I know some will say this doesn't matter, however it does, if EA fails to address the little things, how can they perfect the bigger issues at hand to provide a better overall gameplay environment?...
# 12 tbennett54 @ Apr 17
2k could get away with this, cause they have great gameplay. EA, not so much
# 13 Eski33 @ Apr 17
Give me classic teams and uniforms.
# 14 rugbyphil111 @ Apr 17
On/Off switch for the classic players, I don't want to recruit Barry Sanders, he is in the NFL HOF, not an 18 year old kid.
# 15 ironwork @ Apr 25
watching barry sanders dance around linebackers will be great to see. its unfortunate that EA is stealing the format from someone else it would seem. very good info here i enjoyed it.
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