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What Can Madden NFL 14 do for You? Stuck
Posted on January 31, 2013 at 10:37 PM.

When the 20th Anniversary of Madden was released, most fans were excited. The inclusion of Madden NFL 93 was a sweet bonus. Head Coach 09 is still fantastic. Not much after that.

Madden NFL 09 is not remembered as one of the better Madden's. It's a shame, too, as the 20th Anniversary should have given consumers more. But here are a few ideas that would turn Madden NFL 14 into the true silver gift that it is destined to be.

1. Halftime Show
This topic has been bludgeoned to death ever since NFL 2K5. But it was such an amazing part of the immersion and excitement that NFL 2K5 brought to the table. Until EA finally implements an interactive halftime show (Chris Berman is not required), fans will continue to voice their displeasure. What better time to finally give everyone what they want?

2. Fix The Trade Logic
Trades don't happen often in the NFL, so it isn't a game killer when it's damn near impossible to complete a trade in the Madden series. But this is Madden, not the NFL. The whole point of Connected Careers was to create your own NFL. Improving the trade logic, and giving gamers more than three trade slots, could make Madden NFL 14 more enjoyable for those who want to see superstars swap teams. Everyone saw what it took to get Robert Griffin III; it was madness. But in Madden, that trade is literally impossible. Make it possible EA!

3. Custom Playbooks in Online CCM
If CCM is really the direction EA is going to stay with, then custom playbooks need to be added. Franchise junkies will have a heart attack. Hell, well we're at it, let us create plays as well. If it's our NFL, let it be our NFL.

3a. Commissioner Mode
C'mon, this would be awesome. It'd be boring, but I'd have a smirk every time I fined James Harrison. Obviously a joke here, considering Mr. Roger Goodell would not let this happen, but imagine the two days of fun before you got bored.

4. Improved Player Movement
This is getting nit picky, but it needs to be addressed eventually. Players can get zig-zaggy when running between tackles and avoiding defensive backs. With the Infinity Engine debuting last year, one can assume the gameplay improvements should be somewhat substantial. And those improvements should start with player movement.

5. Classic Teams
NBA 2K hit the jackpot when it added in classic teams. Licensing would be a huge issues, considering there are more players on an NFL team than an NBA team. But with certain Hall-of-Fame players already in Madden NFL 13, one could think it might not be as big a task as it seems. Maybe the 25 best Super Bowl teams?

6. Monday Night Football
Monday Night Football has become a weekly holiday during the NFL season. Even if you aren't a football fan, it's tough to not watch MNF at some point. But in Madden, MNF feels like just another game. This is where ESPN integration could do wonders. Hire Mike Tirico, Ron Jaworski and Jon Gruden. Get Suzy Kolber on the sidelines.

C'mon EA, this is Madden NFL 14. It's the 25th time a Madden game has graced shelves. Make it count.

What do you want to see as the big change to Madden NFL 14?
# 1 sketchy1 @ Jan 31
how about instead of adding ANYTHING, they just make a bug free game that actually works?? ea has never, EVER done that.
# 2 onac22 @ Feb 1
Madden back in the play by play.
# 3 tril @ Feb 1
game planning and half time adjustments that are tied into the xp system.
bring back the restructuring contracts
penalties that work
# 4 bigbob @ Feb 1
Nobody has ever made a bug free game, sketchy. Ever.
# 5 knighthawksfan @ Feb 1
I agree with all of this
# 6 notoriouzwun @ Feb 1
I would still really like to see a better use of the Online Team Play, much more like Hockey or FIFA where you get to make your player better through playing with him. Take the any out assign him a defensive and offensive position and allow him to grow, it not only makes the feature less boring but adds a bit more personal feel to the game.
# 7 sactown_13 @ Feb 1
i just want improved oL/DL interaction along with DB/WR interaction
# 8 kjjnesb @ Feb 1
I don't MNF would be worth effort considering Gruden could jump ship at any moment and all his dialogue would go in the toilet..
# 9 kunner @ Feb 1
Give us the old training camp mini games, another set of announcers, maybe radio announcers, to choose from, i think this would be a great game.
# 10 kingsofthevalley @ Feb 1
Those training camp mini games were great. I really like the title of this blog. I'm always doing something for Madden/NCAA (paying that money day one). It would be great if they did something for me one good time. Player movement. Just study FIFA and Backbreaker.
# 11 Demoncrom @ Feb 1
Release the exclusive deal on the NFL license
# 12 josephid @ Feb 1
Why not give us a website where we can create everything like team builder. I guess the NFL would restrict this, however, let us only play it off line. If so, give us total freedom, making are own logos such as backbreaker did.

Also historic teams. Maybe too expensive to sign all those players. Give us the team with no likeness and give us the chance to edit these teams. Why not have a downloadable team or players where EA splits the money with them. It will cost EA little up front, if it does well everyone makes money.
# 13 brahmagoul @ Feb 1
To second how EA typically adds little, look at the feature other games now have that would be easiest in an NFL game: the ability to play today's -- on in the NFL's case this week's -- matchups.

I'd just like to see more realistic gameplay, where you're not virtually guaranteed to have a shootout. How about some nice 16-13 games that are like defensive chess matches?
# 14 cattlekiller @ Feb 1
The main thing I personally want in Madden 14/25 or whatever its called, is connected careers where a few of the players can be on the same team.NHL has it , why cant madden?
I would love to play Madden with my friends far away from me on the same team that are apart of a franchise.
# 15 urblessed00 @ Feb 1
Can I get the Houston Oilers 1994 run n.shoot playbook? Not the run n gun currently in the game. No, the true run n shoot playbook.....

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