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A Last-Ditch Effort for MLB 2K13 Stuck
Posted on February 19, 2013 at 09:00 AM.

The world of sports gaming is often very predictable. The latest Madden NFL feature is probably just a gimmick; the next NBA Live won't come out until 2016. Will either of those - or both - actually happen? Maybe, but if both statements prove to be true few will be surprised.

But when MLB 2K13 was announced in January, shock hit. The death of 2K's MLB franchise was something I would have bet my life savings on (not that much of a gamble, though).

Since then, 2K has kept quiet about the (probably) final baseball game for the Xbox 360. 2K's marketing team, which in my opinion is the best in the sports gaming business, must be working on something else. Though they have brought back the Perfect Game Challenge with new rules.

As Steve pointed out last month, MLB 2K13's list of features is awfully similar to MLB 2K12.

So in a world where consumers vocalize their disappointment with gaming companies, let's all hope 2K has something hidden up their sleeve. But with this seeming like a last-ditch effort for 2K and Major League Baseball to make one more buck, we can't expect too much. But if 2K wants to sell this game for $60, they better start releasing some information that gives even the tiniest bit of incentive to make a purchase.

With close to zero expectations, MLB 2K13 has a chance to surprise some people. MLB The Show will still reign supreme, there's no doubt about it. But 2K Sports can save a little bit of face with an above-average baseball game - a game they have lacked for some time.

What does MLB 2K13 need to do in order to warrant a purchase from you?
# 1 Visionsofmastery @ Feb 19
until there game presentation in the booth catches up to actual baseball type feel and now a cartoon in the old arcades then they are doomed. Still no online team baseball yet why? 3 vs 3 make it and watch your profits grow, also your player create feature umm follow EA look where we can import faces and have created players which look like something other than a redneck with a bad haircut , also get rid of that pitching thing the movement you have for a controller to throw a pitch is nowhere near the rotation or snap pull you put on a real baseball
# 2 rangerrick012 @ Feb 19
2K12's commentary is actually one of its strong points IMO, so not sure what you're talking about there. Presentation is always one thing 2K seems to get right across the board in all of its games.
# 3 HustlinOwl @ Feb 19
lol you forget their soundtrack highlighted on 12's feature sheet
# 4 tril @ Feb 19
@Visonsofmastery... did you say that backwards.
do you mean untill their gameplay catches up to their presentation?
2K's basbeall IMO is good (not great), its just that they are up against a top notch title in MLB the SHOW.
Its unfortunate that 2k never had better graphics.
as usual Ill be getting both titles. 2k for its more casual gameplay with sim stats, and The SHow for a more indepth baseball experience.
# 5 malky @ Feb 19
i know everybody loves to be hopeful but let's call this what it is.... A roster update period
# 6 Visionsofmastery @ Feb 20
@hustlin and ranger : lol yea my fault I spoke that backwards , I like MLB 2K Presentation as the audio and the play by play but the overall gameplay and baseball feel is not there, its like a cartoon version of old 80 90 arcade baseball games to me, I still get both titles to try every year but I never buy MLB 2K I rent it from gamefly but THE SHOW is always pre ordered once amazon lists it lol
# 7 GuyinPA75 @ Feb 20
I must be the minority.

I love MLB 2k and have since the days on first Xbox.

I tried the demo last year (or maybe year before) for The Show to see what all the fuss was and honestly, I did not enjoy it at all.

The pitching and batting interface did not feel fluid enough. Say what you will about MLB 2k, they do an amazing job with that every year.
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