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Top Madden NFL Games of The Generation Stuck
Posted on February 22, 2013 at 11:20 AM.

It's somewhat upsetting knowing that when I countdown the top NFL games of this gaming generation, EA Sports' Madden NFL series is my only option. Clearly, Madden NFL has built up a reputation to cause the vocal minority to start a riot any chance they get.

But Madden NFL is our NFL. The Madden series, good or bad, log countless hours on our systems each season. We make awful trades and keep it a secret so we don't get flamed by our OS peers, and we have online matchups with our friends that we remember for long periods of time. For most fans, Madden NFL is the only time of year they can sit back, have a beer, and relish in their team's recent Super Bowl success.

But which version of Madden is the pinnacle of this generation? We all know Madden NFL 06 doesn't even deserve to be on the list, and Madden NFL 07 is nothing but a collector's item for a (loyal) Seattle Seahawks fan.

So to keep the list from straying into redundancy, here are the top three EA Sports Madden NFL games of the console generation.

3. Madden NFL 08

Shoot me. I'm sure you want to.

Madden NFL 08 was awesome. For it's time, it could be called a Madden game that didn't ultimately disappoint. Plus it had Vince Young on the cover, who at the time was kind of awesome. What Madden NFL 08 got right was in the gameplay. Five years ago the gameplay was polished, the graphics looked solid and you could win a football game using some real football knowledge.

This is the only other Madden game still sitting on my shelf outside of Madden NFL 13. And it's there for reasons more than nostalgia.

2. Madden NFL 11

Two years ago EA Sports gave us a mixed bag of good and evil. On one hand, locomotion and Pro-Tak damn near promised to alter the way Madden games were played; and it did, kind of, maybe. Gameflow was added, which is a very solid feature considering how many casual gamers pick up Madden. Basically, Madden NFL 11 had all of the ideas it needed to be great, but the execution was off which led to split opinions. However, in the end, Madden NFL 11 seems like it possibly set the foundation of what eventually became...

1. Madden NFL 13

Isn't it a lovely feeling knowing that the best game in the Madden NFL series happens to be the most recent. It's a very rare feeling for any sports gamer, not just a Maddenite, to take in.

Madden NFL 13 did pretty much everything right that a Madden game needed to do right. The gameplay itself is the best the series has ever put out, with the beginnings of a real and true real-time physics engine.

But what really separates Madden NFL 13 from the rest of them? Connected Careers, obviously. In what was the best new feature in all of sports gaming in 2012, Connected Careers let you create your own NFL experience. I've always been a franchise guy, and I've always thought NBA 2K's Association Mode was the cherry on top. But CCM gives out a feeling that it really is your own world. EA Sports captured the essence of the NFL and put it on a silver platter for all of us to eat. There's room for improvement, there always is. But for now, Madden NFL 13 offers a great NFL experience.

Who the hell can beat that?

What about you OS? Which EA Sports Madden NFL game was the best of this past generation?
# 1 DocHolliday @ Feb 22
I really feel like this list didn't need to be made.
# 2 barsoffury @ Feb 22
Aside from '08 I disagree with this list. But everyone can have their opinion.
# 3 footawn @ Feb 22
madden 13 pissed me off more than any other madden game this generation
# 4 DarkOmnios @ Feb 22
I do believe Madden 08 is a lot better than 11, i even think that M08 is the best Madden on this gen.... my top would be:

1- Madden 08
2- Madden 12
3- Madden 13
# 5 Facts @ Feb 22
IMO I thought the direction of 11 was the worst of all Madden's. It was the 1st Madden I didn't buy.

3. 12 - Finally guys could gang tackle if they weren't in the pro-tak animation.
2. 10 - I feel this was Ian's masterpiece.
1. 13 - So much added in by the new team make the future bright for EA. Loved the IE even though you may get funky stuff here and there. Roster updates were debatable as always but they did a great job getting them out weekly considering the NFL has the biggest rosters to deal with in sports. 13 is the best to me because it's a huge step in the right direction for the future. KEEP THIS DEV TEAM TOGETHER EA.
# 6 BigBadTom @ Feb 22
I felt madden 13 showed the full potential of the franchise as they metaphorically struck oil and right now we are waiting to see it rise to the surface.
# 7 bigbuckeyeboi @ Feb 22
People can say what they want about Madden 13 but I think it revolutionized the Franchise. The Infinity engine is so sick even though it has it's flaws. It has completely changed my attitude around towards the Madden franchise. The only thing that really pissed me off about it was that there is no Franchise mode. Other than that it's the best Madden of all-time in my opinion.
# 8 inkcil @ Feb 22
I think Madden 09 is vastly underrated.
# 9 Aardawg @ Feb 22
Can anyone please tell me why I'm unable to play a ccm user vs user game in person against my brother on the same console? Until this can happen ccm is total garbage .
# 10 hyacinth1 @ Feb 22
1.Madden 10
2.Madden 12

those only two worth mentioning.

Madden 11 was a big step back. Shouldn't even be on the list.
# 11 rudyjuly2 @ Feb 22
I agree that M13 is the best and connected careers is a big part. But the game play took some steps back and the CPU was dumb as rocks. Still a lot of room for improvement.
# 12 Sausage @ Feb 22
Don't recall Madden 08 much, but I remember lots of fumbles.

My fave (s):

#1 Madden 10
#2 Madden 12 (very distant second)
#3 Madden 07 (it was interesting and I even briefly replayed it)
# 13 ItsOrangeBaby @ Feb 22
Can't think of a solid #3, but other then that this list is pretty solid just would rearrange a few

1. Madden 08 [by far the best madden to play online in this generation]
2. Madden 13 [Can't hsay the game was that great, but it showed a change in the right direction]
3. Madden 11 [Really want to put Head Coach in here, but I guess I will throw in the first madden with ultimate team]
# 14 Facts @ Feb 23
Madden 10 had MUT 1st. It came in a patch.
# 15 lynkraid @ Feb 23
I still don't understand why people feel like EA's "real time physics" is so mind blowing or even great. I personally couldn't tell the difference between this game and past iterations. The tackles and players interactions still feel canned/scripted/predetermined to me, sticky blocks still reign, and there still is that overall feeling that the man you're controlling is floating around and not responding to the buttons you push. I have a collection of probably 40+ games for PS3, not one of them has "Madden" on the title. There hasn't been a Madden game on this generation of hardware that has held my attention for me than an hour or two. And I've played every one of them. Therefore I couldn't really agree as to which one is the best.
Its because you don't see the same animation tackles that have been around for years. So if you don't own a Madden game, and they don't interest you for more then 2hrs why are you even adding a comment? Madden 13 is the best Madden to date, just for that they finally got the gameplay right. No offline fantasy draft, or true owner mode does make me want to dislike it. But even the owner mode grew very stale over the years from being untouched.

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