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Positive look into NCAA Football 
Posted on January 30, 2012 at 09:57 PM.
Every year NCAA football is a must by for me and most of my friends. I read every post about what EA needs to do to improve both fottball games. This is not a bash post by any means, I want to share some ideas that I hope can contribute to the hope of our future football games.

Topic #1 - Ratings

First off I like the addition of coaches to NCAA , but lets push it farther. Every coach is different so let the game reflect that. Insert a rating system similar to the player system. Add ratings for how well the coach motivates, or a rating for recruiting 1-100, and give recruiting bonuses in the amout equal to their rating. Give out points for reaching milestones. Coaches need to have some individuality. I also think a cap needs to be put on coordinators. There is no way a first time HC should be rated as high as a coach that has won a national championship.

Now the current rating system has been in place in many games for some time. Now I stated that this is not a bash post so im going to be positive. Six years ago the game NFL HEAD COACH improved upon the rating system. It gave each rating a floor and a ceiling, and based upon how well the player is performing the rating would change. Better players would have higher floors and ceilings. Drafting was fun because you could choose the safer pick of some who didnt have a lower overall floor rating, or go for the player with the lower floor but higher ceiling.(lost yet?) This system would represent the game of football better because in college and pro most players are streaky. In the game of football its all about player development, not every 5 star or 1st round pick turns into a stud. I really hope you enjoyed my first post. My next post will be on Recruiting In NCAA Football. Let me know your ideas on my topic. Thanks for reading.
# 1 brandon56 @ Jan 30
My issue with the ratings has to do with how players ratings minimally improve during the season. In real life a three star or two star recruit can become an elite player but its impossible to have that happen in the game now. I had a two star player win the heisman his sophomore year but the highest his rating was by the time he graduated was an 85. There are many real life players that started off low but ended being great. Sam Bradford is a good example he was a three star recruit but by time his sophmore year came around he was a 99 or somewhere near that rating in the game.
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