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I wish she loved me like I love her! A superficial, loveless life with football games 
Posted on February 10, 2012 at 09:51 PM.
Shes that girl you grew up with. she was always there playing with you for hours. Nobody telling you how to feel or what to feel; all you knew is that you liked spending time with her.

I fell in love with football games when I was young (Tecmo bowl) . It takes me back to a time of just enjoying games for what they were. No DLC or Cheezing, just the two of us. We have these blogs about 5 ways to change this game and 5 ways to improve that game. We are all gonna bump heads on these topics because we all want different things out of our relationship with her.

The reason why we care so much is because it seems as if we have been dating her for so long.Been with her from the start, and know everybody is starting to notice her so shes starting to change who she is. We went through all the radical changes, the good and the bad. For some of us the relationship has fell through (SMH) , for some it continues with the hope of one day realizing what it is we truly want out of our relationship with her. There are some out there who just want to have fun with her, keep it casual, fresh and light hearted. For some they are in a relationship full of denial; hey shes great I just wish that spark was there, but hey it will come back.... Eventually? Then there are those who are unhappy. They still love her, but not in love with her. Knowing things won't change you continue in this relationship with regret. Regret that year after year its the same thing all the time with no ending in sight. How come I cant have what that baseball guy has? Or Basketball?

We all have different relationships with her, but there is something we all have in common. We all started with a dream; a dream of how our relationship with her is going to give us everthing we want. For some its a great relationship, and for others it could be better.

My relationship with her is faultering and im trying to hold on to my dream and im affraid that I wont realize my dream with her. Its like im in a relationship I dont want to be in because she has changed who she is, and I dont recognize her anymore. For one shes all about the money, she wants me to spend money on her all the time. And she stopped caring about whats on the inside, she only cares about how she looks. Yeah shes hot, but I want more out my relationship with her. Im affraid she has become to shallow. They say you can't turn a bad girl good,but when a good girls turns bad shes gone forever( Jay Z).
Were all in this together, and for what its worth I know your frustration. Sometime we need to go back and understand why we love her in the first place.So for valentines day if you can, take it back to where and when you fell in love with football games. Pop in that game that got you hooked. Maybe then it will make our relationships with her a whole lot more realistic. I just hope we all realize our dreams of her.
# 1 Elgin2311 @ Feb 10
Like it, love it, or hate it?
# 2 Elgin2311 @ Feb 10
Does anyone know how to get your blog on the front page?
# 3 Elgin2311 @ Feb 10
I gonna have to blow the soup on this one
# 4 H to the Oza @ Feb 11
Most fun I had with football gaming was Tecmo Super Bowl... NCAA Football 12 is right up there too (ONLY because of online dynasty)
# 5 scottyo60 @ Feb 12
Fun read for sure. I actually enjoyed the take on it.
# 6 Elgin2311 @ Feb 12
Im not sure everyone knows what im talking about. I thought it translated over pretty well.
# 7 wepr3 @ Feb 13
I get it. The problem is, if we break-up, there are literally no other fish in the sea.
# 8 scottyo60 @ Feb 13
There's always that old mistress whose just been aged and while slightly outdated still creeps in your mind from time to time. (2K5)
# 9 Elgin2311 @ Feb 13
As much as I here everyone talk about 2k5 I have never played it. I thought about seeing if I couls find a copy. I have'nt bought a madden in 2yrs, I mostly play ncaa.
# 10 scottyo60 @ Feb 13
It's the only football game I have at the moment. Love to pop it in from time to time and rekindle my love for it. To me the game has its great points and weak points... Visually nothing compares to the EA games right now IMO but 2k for me is appreciated for setting a bar really high and the amount of content provided
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