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Posted on March 3, 2012 at 11:57 PM.
I hate Madden! I feel I have a right to say that because I know what madden was, and what it use to represent. This post is not to complain, I want to ask 2 questions and feel free to respond.

1. Would you buy EA's pro football game if they could not use real players or real team names?

2. If another company decided to do a sim style football game with full customization for every aspect of the game, it had franchise modes online and off and the my player modes too. Most importantly had the gameplay up to your standards. The only downfall is the game is based on fiction. Would you still buy madden or go with a game not branded by the NFL?
# 1 shadia147 @ Mar 4
I know what you're going for...
But I have to say that the NFL Licsense looms awfully big in my eyes.
However, What if some company did what you said in question 2? And let's say it took something away from Madden's sales for a few years.... Why couldnt EA buy the technology from said company, and then retool it to fit Madden?
Just a thought.
# 2 Elgin2311 @ Mar 4
I would argue that people love creating. We have teambuilder for college football, create a player for just about every game, create a coach. If the gameplay rocked and you had the freedom to customize teams and rosters, you could create your own nfl game or whatever league you want. As many people want a new football game does it really feel like nfl football just because it has the nfl logo.
# 3 wadcakes @ Mar 5
How would stadiums and Uniforms go? could you take a uniform/apparel company and do Uniforms types? Nike pro combat (if possible due to NFL contract)or Under Armor etc. Full stadium customization to a moderately basic type like madden but maybe more options?
# 4 hahjrb @ Mar 5
I absolutely don't need to have the real players and teams. While I enjoy playing as the Bears, I would rather have great gameplay. NCAA may use a basis for their game but I still end up playing as a "QB # 12" or a generated name. Madden has fallen way short since the competition was taken away and I would gladly play a fictional universe to enjoy a proper game.
# 5 balljonesjr @ Mar 5
If the game met my gameplay standards and had all of the madden features w/o the all the nfl stuff I'd prolly buy it because when I play madden I normally play with a created team anyway so it doesnt make much of a difference for me at the end of the day the tho the gameplay has to be really good for me to leave madden at the store
# 6 RobertBrazil @ Mar 5
I solely play madden because of the NFL player names. If madden did not have them I wouldn't be playing.

I don't understand question 2. 2K8 with franchise mode? yes I'd buy it.
# 7 Jakeness23 @ Mar 5
If it had full customization, what would keep you from creating the NFL yourself? I'd go with option 2 in a heartbeat...
# 8 Elgin2311 @ Mar 5
2k and natural motion were the inspirations behind the questions.
# 9 Elgin2311 @ Mar 5
Exactly! give us a game of football that plays great and give us the option to make it what we want.
# 10 Vaporub83 @ Mar 7
wait a minute. It can be argued that you hold Madden to a higher standard since it is the only NFL game on the market. After the initial wow of a different game wore off, not many people still liked Back Breaker.
# 11 Elgin2311 @ Mar 7
Im talking sim tho, if backbreaker played a sim style of game I think some people would stick. Id take BB over nfl blitz anyday.
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