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10K to whoever knocks EA out! 
Posted on March 5, 2012 at 08:19 PM.
Im not a EA basher, I just want to play a good pro football game, its been too long. Alot of my question come from my curiosity to understand the minds of sports gamers like myself. My recent post has led me to ask this next question.

What does M13 have to do to get you to not buy the game this year?
# 1 PackerBacker123 @ Mar 5
dude you are a ea basher with a title like that................
# 2 wat3 @ Mar 5
All they got to do is keep doing what they're doing. Question is what does M13 need to do to get me to buy the game. The answer is drastic changes in gameplay and some kind of physics engine for a start.
# 3 Elgin2311 @ Mar 5
Ea sports nfl football sell millions of copies every year but for the most part is virtually the same game every year, give or take a few things. Another year of the same online franchise and ill be sitting out this one again. Everybody wants some sort of change made, but are not willing to sacrifice one year without playing ea sports nfl football to encourage change. Hey ill play the mess out of the show and NCAA football 13.
# 4 BlackRome @ Mar 5
Far as playing Madden. The only thing I don't like is the super LB's. I only play online. The biggest problem I see with Madden is that most people who play online really don't know how to play. I see so many people who only run a few plays. Where they are going to run a screen play, a crossing route with a slant or an end around. That's all I see.

I blow these people out. Most people don't take advantage of the deep passing game. I never throw crossing routes or screens. For decades. It's a deep game. You just have to learn it.
# 5 Elgin2311 @ Mar 5
Yeah the super lb are irratating, I also dislike the movement of all defensive players, they glide into position. Also another thing that irratates me is players who run 4.3 40's with c+ acc, shouldnt all fast players who run fast 40's have fast ACC.
# 6 RUFFNREADY @ Mar 6
I am on board with BlackRome; but let me take it one step further. Madden needs to fix the AI, on the Defence, and the Offence. People online only run 3 plays on Defence (other than nano-blitzes), and on Offense they run 5 total plays all game; because 60% of the plays dont even work properly and are a total waste of time. if people actually setup plays off of other plays 10% more would actually work right, but it doesnt. Most players dont even know how to setup defences, so all they do is nano-blitz. Lets face it, if players used a 1/4 of the plays in the defensive schemes, they would lose for the share fact that the plays dont work properly either on the defence. this has been a thorne in my side for 5 years now, and will probably be never fixed for the simple fact that EA always dumbs down the game to the NOOBS fresh on the Madden bandwagon.
The short of it is, Offence does not = the defence or vise versa in Madden; and i dont think they have a plan to combat this; so this is why its going to be tough for me to purchase Madden this year. I didnt buy Madden this year, but did try it out with that EA Sports ticket, and that did help me decide on not buying madden12 last year.
$25. to tryout a game(s) for three days before release was a good thing for me; maybe ya'll should try this method as well.
# 7 KBLover @ Mar 6
4.3 40's with c+ acc, shouldnt all fast players who run fast 40's have fast ACC
Yes. You don't run that fast without both a high top speed as well as major explosiveness. Last combine (I think it was) they had those sensors on some of the players running their 40s showing the G's of force they generated at the start to get a representation of the explosiveness they had - and all the fast guys where high.

Explosiveness can also create separation, even if the player is actually slower in top speed. That and precision of movement (think route running, or a nimble HB).

As for M13 - if it's M12 with a roster update, no deal. I already skipped 11, I can go with a "buy it every 2 years" cycle. Or at the least, I'll wait for a pull back or better buy it used off Amazon or something.
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