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Dallas Cowboys Week 1 (real life) 
Posted on September 13, 2010 at 01:58 AM.
Just have to give a warning to who reads this. I am going to rant at some point about Alex Barron. With that out of the way.

Dallas @ Redskins Week 1

I thought the Dallas defense was fantastic tonight. I thought I saw some good things out of the offense running the ball as well as slinging the ball down field (in the second half). Dez Bryant looks like a great pick, and will be someone to watch this season.

One thing that plagued us this game, and in seasons past is penalties. (I will with hold my thoughts on Barron still till the end). Penalties along with our Oline issues can very well be our undoing. but it is only week one. We have time to work on penalties and we also have time for our normal starters to return.

Another thing, obviously it goes without saying, The fumble before the half actually was the play that cost us the game. It was a very bad decision by Romo, and it was an even worse choice by......Choice to try and make a play on that pitch.

Despite everything our defense did right in that game, Our offensive line, Penalties, and Poor decision before half undid. Even still with a chance to tie the game! (and a possible win with a extra point.) After a signature scramble around in the pocket by Romo and Roy Williams actually making the wide open catch for the tie....or so we thought....

(let the ranting commence)

Alex Barron manages to put a choke-hold on Orakpo. for not 1....not 2...but 3 seconds....before letting him go. I know this man as a professional has been told not to hold on the last play of a game. And yes he is apart of the reason Romo was able to stay untouched on that play because of his hold. But if he even threw himself at Orakpo it would have been enough to let Romo do the same thing he did on that play.....

Honestly this man Barron for 5 seasons has lead the league for Holds. In the pre-season the man looked like he wasn't even playing. Flozell Adams made a living holding as well at times, but when it came time to pass block he could do it legitimately to. Alex Barron only knows how to hold to block.... Give us Bobby Carpenter back please. The rams got over on us on that trade. They knew what they were doing.

I'll Give you a name that did extremely better than Barron, Montre Holland. His name went unmentioned all game, but he didn't allow a sack and also blocked very well on runs in the 3rd quarter.

I really could continue on and on about Alex Barron....but I will leave it at this. Cut him. Dallas for the love of god. CUT HIM!!!!

(I had to vent. but feel free to post your thoughts as well.)
# 1 Flipsyde933 @ Sep 13
Man I jumped out of my seat when i saw roy williams make the catch then immediately fell to the floor when i heard them say there was a flag. It sucks that it happened but I also kinda feel bad for the guy because you know he's gonna get alot of **** for this. The announcers were even talking about how he may be out of a job before they get on the plane.
# 2 EmmittSmithx22x @ Sep 13
I had the exact same reaction, the only thing thats different is I don't feel for him as much, because he has had 5 years to correct his issues, and he hasn't even attempted to. They coach that on the last play dont hold no matter what cause it will cost you the game and he hog tied Orakpo... lol
# 3 cgbandit @ Sep 13
What I dont understand his how you can let Flozell Adams go ( who has the 2nd most holding penalties in 5 years) and trade for the guy who has the most.
# 4 EmmittSmithx22x @ Sep 13
They were desperate for Oline help and figured whats the worst that can happen? I think they got their answer. lol
# 5 sammy g @ Sep 13
I felt so dumb cause me and my cousin jumped off the couch after Roy made the catch..a few seconds later we saw the flag. We gave them that game with the turnover and the penalties. Come back Columbo!
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