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Madden 25 Disappointments Stuck
Posted on August 28, 2013 at 11:02 AM.

Maybe I'm just expecting too much from gaming anymore, or Madden 25 is just that disappointing of a game, but I came away very unsatisfied. Within playing one half of football I saw many issues that I was shocked made it through QA testing and into consumer's hands. Then there are things that are head scratchers, small details that NCAA gets right, but Madden doesn't. The fact that both games are developed under the same roof makes you just shake you head even more.

The biggest issue so far that I've come across is in the passing game. First off the AI QB's are ridiculously accurate, even after playing with sliders. I know it's a "passing league", but I shouldn't have Blaine Gabbert going 20/22 against me. This also is compounded on the fact that the defensive gameplay in the game is severely lacking, and almost makes you feel helpless on that side of the ball. Now to the other passing issue, wide receivers will catch a ball near the sidelines and make no attempt to stay in bounds. Now this works perfectly fine in NCAA Football 14, but in Madden, it's not even there at all. It's a major head scratcher and frustrating to see your wide out just run out of bounds on a sideline pattern for no reason.

Now onto some cosmetic issues that don't affect gameplay as much, but just are disappointing they aren't fixed from previous versions of the game.

Dynamic lighting was brought into the game in Madden 12, and worked great. The sun moved, shadows creeped across the field through a game, and if you started at 4PM, the game would end at night time. Now this happens in NCAA Football as well, but in that game, it updates at the end of each quarter, but you still see the day transition. Madden 25 on the other hand, doesn't feature this whatsoever. However the game looks like when it starts is exactly how it'll look when it finishes. I shouldn't start a game at 4PM in Cleveland in November and have it finish and still be sunny like it was at 4 o'clock. It is a small detail, one maybe only I pay attention to, but it still bugs me.

Another one is, why are some of last year's rookies, Josh Gordon for example, still a black silhouette in the game instead of actually having their photo there? This is truly nitpicking, but I want the best Madden it can be. Things like this make me feel the game was rushed, pieces from Madden 13 used to finish it, and lack of detail wasn't paid attention to.

Madden is not a terrible game, and I am having fun with it. I'm a huge fan of the NFL and have played every single version of Madden ever released, I love the series. Just things like the above wouldn't happen if we had competition, as EA and whoever else, not going to start talking about 2K Sports, but whoever, would be forced to give us the best game each and every year. Especially this year, Madden's 25th Anniversary, I feel we got a very inferior product from what we deserve.
# 1 The JareBear @ Aug 28
It might not be terrible but it's a big letdown. Bring back defense ea
# 2 ExtremeGamer @ Aug 28
I can totally understand that. Madden 12's lighthing was fantastic how it literally moved during the game. No clue why that was ever removed.
# 3 cgalligan @ Aug 28
I agree with the lighting... I also agree with the Player photos... The photos should be something that could be fixed with a simple update...

All the little things, while not gamebreakers for most are just annoying things for others... For people that aren't 110% pro EA and Madden, all these little things, combined with lackluster gameplay create a pure hatred for the game over time... After the "honey moon" phase is over, the same people that hated Madden 10, 11, 12, 13 will begin to hate 25, because at this point, their hatred for Madden is innate...
# 4 The00Raven00Effect @ Aug 28
Is it just me or does this game feel like they spent so much time trying to change how the running worked that they shipped an incomplete game? I just feel like the game really lacks depth and it seems like all the resources went in to "run free". Everything seems broken and plays like crap.
# 5 jtswag187 @ Aug 28
It needs player lock
# 6 Dazraz @ Aug 28
I wonder if EA are having issues with the games development on the next gen consoles & have turned their attention to dealing with that, leaving current gen customers with another sub par Football game.
# 7 adub88 @ Aug 28
the devs and suits can say what they want to say, well all know if there was competition, they would have added pressure on them to produce a better product. 2K vs. NBA Live, well all know what happened. Let's keep it real folks.
# 8 jarvis1104 @ Aug 28
The only thing that really kills M13 & M25 for me is the infinity engine. I can see it was tweaked some but the animations are still terrible at times. I can't stand seeing people bump into each other and instantly fall. Madden 12 will have to hold me over until 11/15
# 9 Brian_OS @ Aug 28
This information would have been great for the review. I would suggest for major franchise releases that all of the writers that work for OS participate in the review process. Illustrating a games strengths/weaknesses may take a little more time and more resources but the reviews would carry much more weight with the OS crowd IMO. Just my 2 cents from a former member of the team
# 10 radney @ Aug 28
I thought I was the only one upset about the lack of dynamic lighting. It was perfect in Madden 12 and it is pretty good in NCAA 14 and for the life of me, I can't figure out how this was missed in this year's release especially being under the same roof. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying playing game but its little things like that which truly holds it back from being on the next level. Hopefully, it will be addressed in the upcoming release on XBox One.

Oh by the way, please bring back dynamic weather as well. Also, in play now mode, we should be able to set the weather and temperature like you can in NCAA 14.
# 11 cusefan74 @ Aug 28
By the sounds of it, it just sounds like EA doesn't care about this game this year. Makes me happy, happy, happy that I am not buying it this year. All you guys that think it will be better on the next gen are gonna be really disappointed I think. For this years game I mean.

I find it hard to believe that a new gen console is gonna change the game at all. It might look better, but I think the gameplay is more important then having it look better.
# 12 brent3419 @ Aug 28
im dissappointed in m25. how on earth does ncaa 14's infinity engine feel better than m25s. the demo felt like rubbermen colliding into each other like m13 did. the lighting in m12 did look good and it does on ncaa 14 too.. i guess its ncaa for me til 11/15
# 13 erndawg3 @ Aug 28
am i missing something or is there no way to adjust camera view. It seems so far away from the action the way it is set.
# 14 edaddy @ Aug 28
Good blog and I agree 100%. I actually played the game for 3 days via ea ticket and was amazed at all the things you mentioned above particularly the AI passing and total lack of defense. Another things that bothers me is the IE I thought it would have taken a step up this year but to me at least it has taken a step back..Still the same awkward animations and ridiculous body bends. The game has its good moments when everything goes right but the wtf moments outweigh it by a ton..i too am particulary stunned at the lighting and and the night game and indoor stadium lighting and fields look like PS2 graphic quality..M12 did have it right as far as that's this point NCAA is a much better game in almost every phase and that is a shame..
# 15 TreyIM2 @ Aug 28
Something always gets subtracted when EA adds something in Madden. Never fails.

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