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Posted on May 3, 2012 at 12:20 PM.
Here's what the depth chart looks like for right now after I made my moves in the early transfer window.

AC Milan Depth Chart - 2011-12
GJoey HartAmelia
ROMFJordi Alba
RDMFvan Bommel
RFAlexandre PatoEl Shaarawy
CFMario GotzeAquilani
LFDanny WalbeckAri

Mario Gotze was an absolute must have for my team. I've had him run nightmares through my head with Dortmund in the Bundesliga as I played with Bayern Munchen before my save got over written. He's got a lot of talent, and at such a young age, I spent most of the money I earned on the transfers of Robinho and Ibrahimovic on Gotze alone. Walbeck was a player I thought I'd grab to try and fill the mold of Ibrahimovic with some added speed, and it's worked to my advantage. Through 7 games now, he has 7 goals. His first game with the team (a preseason match) he notched a hat trick. He could be a big part of this team for years to come if I don't give in to my personal pressure to pick up my favorite player in Neymar. Joey Hart was a goaltending acquisition that my roommate always made, and in this case I thought he might be a good idea to bring in to shore up my goaltending for a few years until I found a good, young replacement. Any suggestions for players would be huge at this point! Sakho is a young french defender that used to be with PSG, but I brought him over to take over for the missing hole that Thaigo Silva left. Obviously he's not the same, but he does have a good burst of speed to him and is quite physical, which gives me what I want from my inner CB's. strength with speed. Ari is just a player I found that had some heading skills that coupled with jumping and a little speed that I could certainly use off the bench. He's extremely helpful when I have weeks where I play 3 games from Sunday to Sunday, usually starting against the team lowest in the table to give Pato or Walbeck a day off. Jordi Alba was a player I grabbed purely because of his speed up the side. He's listed as a LB and he doesn't necessarily fill a void as much as I just wanted speed on my sides. I like by LB and RB being able to join the rush, and their speed compliments my already lightning quick attack in Walbeck and Pato. I added Ogbonna at the suggestion of another online site saying that he progresses quite well. Hopefully he will do just that. He's currently on the bench, but he's usually subbed in at the end of games to get some experience. If his speed develops the way I've seen it develop, he might move to LB or RB depending on what the future holds. Aside from that I added 3 more players that are currently on my developmental roster if you will. They're not on my Youth Squad, but also not actively on my roster. Those players are Nolan Redmond, who makes appearances on my roster in those 3 a weeks. He's speedy and has a great upside to make a great slashing midfielder. J. Williams who was formerly with Crystal Palace has a great speed for a player only at the age of 18 and could make a great midfielder or even an attacker at one point in his career. Time will only tell for him. Finally I grabbed Bruno Uvini from Sao Paulo again at the suggestion of another website. He has an extreme upside at strength and could easily play into a future CB spot, despite his 66 OVR rating. I just wanted to give a quick run through then of the players I transfered out. Those would be as follows:

Thaigo Silva

They were sold for a total of: 189,000,000. Extreme Bank, only downside was those devils at Dortmund wanted 104,000,000 for Gotze! Future was worth the price if you ask me! Next update I'll go through however many games I've gotten through this season. Probably going to be around 10-11 league games.
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