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Realism is Overrated 
Posted on March 20, 2009 at 06:28 PM.
At Operation Sports the motto for most gamers has always seemed to be realism above all else. Iíd say that Iíve always put myself into that same group, a sports gamer searching for a game that gives as authentic a sporting experience as possible, but now Iím not so sure.

This week the weather here in Phoenix has been beautiful and it got me in the mood for some golf, so I popped in Tiger Woods 08 (I know, how retro of me, but I donít have 09). It had been a while since Iíd played and the difficulty was set to ďTour ProĒ which made me realize after a couple hours of trying to complete a challenge that this difficulty had been why Iíd stopped playing the game over a year ago in the first place. Iíd been tired of shanking balls, and coming close, but just short of accomplishing tasks over and over again. I know by far Tour Pro difficulty is closest thing realistic experience in the game, but it was just far more frustrating than fun. After bumping the game down to difficult and powering up my swing, and ďcheatingĒ by putting spin on the ball mid air it just became a much more enjoyable game altogether.

Football games are my wheelhouse, but am I really in search of reality there? I play with the Raiders and donít mind the fact that I actually win games, is that realistic, unfortunately not really, these days. Sure I want aspects of the game to feel realistic, but above all for a game to get me back it has to be fun.

Thinking back to the game that Iíve had the most fun with, it very well could be Tecmo Super Bowl from way back in the day. It could very easily be said that itís the least realistic football game of all time, but still oh so much fun to play.

So this just brings to mind the idea that while realism is something to strive for and good to have the option for it in the game, is that really what weíre searching for? Or does it just help on the road to our ultimate gaming destination, escaping from our day and enjoying ourselves.
# 1 Steve_OS @ Mar 20
Nice write up bro. I like the mix of games that are available. If I'm wanting some arcade type of sports gaming, there are alternatives. It sucks that there isn't more competition in the football genre, but there are plenty of fun games to be had in other sports.

I am having a blast w/ Tecmo Bowl on the DS, get it!
# 2 Fetter21 @ Mar 21
Unfortunately I'm 360 only, so I don't have a PS3 to play the show. I've heard really good things though. If they had an NFL version that'd be enough to pull me over to the PS3. Although it's unfortunate that it'll probably never happen.
# 3 Acedeck @ Mar 21
Without realism, what is there to strive for with sports gaming? That's my only question.
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