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Finally EA has Started to Spread the Love Stuck
Posted on March 21, 2009 at 11:50 AM.
Itís great to see that EA has finally decided that the calendar year is more than the start of the NFL season, and the months leading up to Christmas. Releasing Tiger Woods 10 & Grand Slam Tennis in mid-June seems like a genius move to me. Iíve always thought that EAís release schedule is bit silly, releasing games in what seems like weekly during the fall. Iíve stood back and looked in awe marveling as gamers with seemingly bottomless wallets stepped up to buy all these new titles that are piled upon us in such a short period. For most it seems as if this wouldnít give people enough time to actually enjoy the titles.

I understand that with many of the games itís when they need to release since thatís when the seasons start, so it has to be done. Just another reason why releasing Tiger and Tennis at this time is such a perfect time. Separating the release date from the pack should help open up time to actually play them for a lot of gamers and is a great step of spreading the love across the entire calendar year.

Being a teacher Iím in a unique situation that I canít imagine not picking up these titles since Iíll have months to try them out with seemingly no interruptions. So if nothing else they just sold another copy of each, since if theyíd released them with the pile of other games theyíd have just been ignored.

Thanks EA for making my summer that much better.
# 1 Steve_OS @ Mar 21
I agree, FNR4 is just around the corner as well.
# 2 stlstudios189 @ Mar 21
I have always wondered why they unload all the games in the same 4 month span and basicaly compete with themselves for our $$ spread it out and get more of our $$!!!
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