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Winning the Super Bowl is overrated. 
Posted on March 30, 2009 at 10:35 AM.
Ever since the Super Bowl ended this year I cannot stop thinking about how overrated winning the Super Bowl is. I know that in sports the emphasis is always placed on winning championships, but I think in the NFL there is far too much emphasis placed on the Super Bowl win. Placing all the importance on the post season tournament isnít going to give you the best team when there is a one and done format like the NFL.

Because of the tournament, one and done system, winning the Super Bowl doesnít mean youíre the best team, it just means you got hot, or lucky, at the right time. Teams can put on tremendous performances all season, loose one game and all of a sudden their not the best team in the NFL. Obvious case in point here would be the Patriots, itís hard for me to believe that many people really felt that the Giants winning the Super Bowl meant that they were the best team that season. The Giants were the Super Bowl champs that year, but there was no question that the Patriots were the NFLís best team. But I donít think that this was the only case of the best teams not winning the Super Bowl, in í98 when the Vikings were red hot the game we needed in the Super Bowl was Vikings vs. Broncos, but that game was killed by a lucky Falcons win. The Patriots first Super Bowl win over the Rams

Iím not sure if Kurt Warner should go into the Hall of Fame, but the talk going into the game all week was that if he wins, heís a lock. I could understand the argument, 2 Super Bowl Championships, a Super Bowl MVP or two, and third Super Bowl appearance with some sick regular season numbers. Sounds like a HOF resume to me, but my problem with it, is that he did his part, he led the team downfield and got the Cards the lead. That should have put the stamp on his Hall of Fame career, right? But then Roethlisberger leads the Steelers down field, makes some amazing plays and now Kurtís out of the Hall of Fame, for something that happened while he was on the sidelines, that doesnít seem right.

Thinking about the Cardinals possibly winning the Super Bowl from the flipside of things, would that have meant the Cardinals were actually the best team in the NFL last season?

Now donít get me wrong, winning a championship should count for something, but Iím just not sure that it should count for everything, as it seems to in the minds of many. Call me crazy, but I think what teams do in the regular season and consistency is more important than winning the tournament at the end and that it should be recognized more.

This is just something I had to get off my chest.
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Mar 30
I have always felt that the Super Bowl is overrated. The Stanley Cup or NBA Finals are much harder being a best of seven series.
# 2 matt8204 @ Mar 30
It would be interesting to see how many times the best NFL team in the regular season (based on record) actually won the Super Bowl. There are usually some upsets in hockey, but in the NBA, the best team usually wins. You don't see many lower-seeded teams winning it all.
# 3 matt8204 @ Mar 30
The original poster has a point. Since the 1970 merger, the team that had the best regular season record in the NFL or tied for the best regular season record in the NFL has only won the Super Bowl 20 out of 39 times, a success rate of just over 50 percent. Hardly overwhelming. In 15 out of the past 22 seasons, the team with the best regular season record in the league did NOT win the Super Bowl.
# 4 Fetter21 @ Mar 31
Definitely agree that in the NBA or NHL you'll more often see the best team win. It's hard to fake it or get lucky in a seven game series.
# 5 chrome381 @ Mar 31
I gotta agree there's a lot of hype but you still don't get that feeling that the team that wins deserves it or is necessarily the best, but watching something like the winner of the NBA finals or Stanley cup you really feel like the best team won and that it was a hard fought battle to the end.
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