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Friday, April 6, 2018
Posted on April 6, 2018 at 12:52 AM.

Around the NBA Week 1 2018-19


W 96-90
L 87-115W 108-73
L 93-97

Record this week: 2-2

Record this season: 2-2

Record all time: 2-2

Player of the Week

A.J. Simms while some thought he would begin the season in the G-League Simms has shined as a sixth man and leads the team in scoring coming off the bench at 16PPG he's also swiping 1.5 balls a game and has shooting splits of 46/46/69.

Player of the Week October 24th - October 30th 2018
A.J. Simms419.8161.

NBA League Leaders - Updated: Nov 1, 2018
Points Per GamePPGRebounds Per GameREB
1. Steph Curry31.81. Andre Drummond14.0
2. Demar DeRozan30.42. Hassan Whitside12.3
3. Lebron James30.03. Boban Marjanovic12.0
4. James Harden29.94. Demarcus Cousins12.0
5. Kevin Durant28.75. Rudy Gobert11.0
Assists Per GameAST3PT Made3PT
1. Kyle Lowry10.21. James Harden20
2. Lonzo Ball10.22. Kyle Lowry20
3. Lebron James10.03. Steph Curry17
4. Chris Paul10.04. Klay Thompson16
5. John Wall9.75. Kevin Durant16
Field Goal PercentageFG%STOCKSS/B
1. Player X501. Player X XX
2. Player XxX2. Player XXX
Double DoublesDDTriple DoublesTD

Power Rankings

NBA Power Rankings
RK (LW)TeamRecordNext Game
1 (1) Philadelphia 76ers3-0
2 (2) Toronto Raptors3-0
3 (3) Golden State Warriors3-0
4 (4) New Orleans Pelicans2-0
5 (5) Cleveland Cavaliers3-1
12 (12) New York Knicks2-2

Thursday, April 5, 2018
Posted on April 5, 2018 at 02:37 AM.
@ Orlando Magic W 96-90
POG: A.J. Simms 22pts, 2 steals, (4-6) 3pts.
VS Philly 76ers L 87-115
POG: Joel Embiid 29pts, 10rebs, 11-15 FG
@ Brooklyn Nets W 108-73
POG: Nerlens Noel 14pts, 10rebs, 6-8 FG
@ Milwaukee Bucks L 93-97
POG: Giannis Antetokunmpo 15pts, 11rebs, 6asts, 3 blks

Record this week: 2-2
Record this season: 2-2
Record all time: 2-2

Player of the week:

A.J. Simms while some thought he would begin the season in the G-League Simms has shined as a sixth man and leads the team in scoring coming off the bench at 16PPG he's also swiping 1.5 balls a game and has shooting splits of 46/46/69.

League Leaders:

  1. Steph Curry (31.0)
  2. Demar DeRozan (30.8)
  3. Lebron James (30.0)

  1. Andre Drummond (14.0)
  2. Hassan Whiteside (12.3)
  3. Boban Marjanovic (12.0)

  1. Kyle Lowry (10.2)
  2. Lonzo Ball (10.2)
  3. Lebron James (10.0)

  1. James Harden (20)
  2. Kyle Lowry (20)
  3. Steph Curry (17)

Power Rankings top 5
  1. Philedelphia 76ers (3-0)
  2. Toronto Raptors (3-0)
  3. Golden State Warriors (3-0)
  4. New Orleans Pelicans (2-0)
  5. Cleveland Cavaliers (2-1)
(Knicks ranked 12th)
Posted on April 5, 2018 at 02:20 AM.
Well Opening day has arrived for our New York Knicks and the opening day depth chart has been finalized by coach Mark Jackson heading into the season opener against the Magic on Wednesday.

New York Knicks Depth Chart - 2018
PGFred VanVleetA.J. Simms
SGRodney HoodJoe Harris
SFMario HezonjaNick YoungDoug McDermottIsaiah Hicks
PFLuc Mbah A MouteCaleb SwaniganDavid Lee
CNerlens NoelTyler ZellerLuke Kornet
Posted on April 5, 2018 at 01:33 AM.
Going into their first season after the plane crash, their first under new ownership and with a new coach and a brand new roster the Knicks head to training camp today.

Mark Jackson commented to reporters as the team loaded the busses. "There is a feeling in the air, these guys are hungry. We have a lot of guys that weren't wanted a lot of guys that are looking for an opportunity and a lot of guys that are honored to wear that Knicks uniform. I don't know what we will accomplish this year but I know this, these guys aren't going to hang their heads. They are going to compete each and every night."

With that I give you the 2018-2019 New York Knickerbockers basketball roster following the NBA draft and free agency heading into training camp.

2018-2019 New York Knicks Roster
3Nerlens NoelC247815.74
1Rodney HoodSG257815.80
8Mario HezonjaSG237710.55
23Fred VanVleetPG24764.15
44Tyler ZellerC28761.48
32Joe HarrisSG27742.93
6Nick YoungSF33721.48
5Luc Mbah A MoutePF32721.48
50Caleb SwaniganPF21721.74
13David LeePF35711.48
20Doug McDermottSF26714.95
21A.J. SimmsPG20673.25
2 Luke KornetC23641.32
3Isaiah HicksPF24611.32

3 Things about the Knicks heading into camp.

1) Who will be the alpha dog on this team?
This team is filled with has beens, also rans, and last chance players. The exception is Fred VanVleet who made a name for himself last year with the Raptors. Now VanVleet will get an opportunity to run a team on the biggest stage in basketball will he shine?

2) Where will the points come from?
Nick young is over the hill as is David Lee. Both could have shouldered the burden in their younger years, now they will be looked on for stability off the bench most likely. Wait did I just say Nick Swaggy P Young would be looked to for stability? How things have changed. For these Knicks they will need to find a point scorer someone to put 20 up night in and night out. Can Noel do it? He probably has the most upside of any player on this roster.

3) Can Super Mario flourish?
Mario Hezonja was once upon a time a top five pick. He was supposed to be a high caliber scorer. Well things never panned out in Orlando but now he will have that opportunity to be the guy in the city. We will see if the young man can re-discover the swagger that spawned the super mario nickname heading into the 2015 draft.
Posted on April 5, 2018 at 01:02 AM.
2018 NBA Draft first round recap.

NBA Draft - Round 1 Recap
1HornetsSidney TerryPG7020
2PistonsWil DaileyC7523
3MavericksPeter CaldwellPG7322
476ersFredrick LeachSF7124
5MagicBrent WattsPG7423
6GrizzliesCoty DudleyPG7219
7KnicksA.J SimmsPG 6720
8JazzRonnie PeelerSG6823
9BullsJack WebsterPG6624
1076ersLewis HansonSG6823
11HornetsAlton BarberSF6924
12SunsAntoine Harper PG6723
13BullsCarl BarnesSF6923
14NetsCharlie VaughnPF7424
15SunsStefano ManciniPF6822
16KingsCorie TownsC6324
17GrizzliesRoger BarrowPF7121
18HornetsMalden LekicPG6823
19HawksLance MaggetteSF7024
20PistonsRonald PayneSF6821
21TimberwolvesCliff FieldsSF7123
22MavericksWilfred NicholasPG6921
23SpursJarred BeckerSF6922
24BullsJalen PhillipsC6623
25LakersLuis FaulkC6824
26Trail BlazersDarrel O'Gallagher JRPG6723
27CelticsOtis GeorgePF6323
28NetsMagnus NorbergSF6422
29BullsWade HardyC6423
30HawksDoyle WilksPF6721
Posted on April 5, 2018 at 12:45 AM.
The new Knicks era led by Bernard King and Clyde the Glyde begins today with the NBA draft. It was decided by the commissioner not to offer the Knicks any additional picks in the draft and their lotto odds remained unchanged. They will pick 8th tonight and while some mock drafts have them picking a euro prospect it seems unlikely they would go for anyone who isn't ready to play next season seeing as how the only players currently under contract are the two players who were playing for the Knicks G-league affiliate last season and weren't on the team plane.

That being said it may be even more likely that the Knicks swing a trade for a vet if they don't like anyone available with the 8th pick is it possible they grab a couple of NBA starters for a mid range lotto pick? Absolutely it is. All of Knicks nation will be glued to their TV's tonight as they wait to see what the first move of the Jackson, King, Fraizer triumvirate produces.

Update 8:37pm
The pick is in. The Knicks first pick of the new era will be a point guard. Not surprising considering the coach and new owner both were ex Knick point guards themselves. The PG in question is A.J. Simms widely regarded as the best shooter in this years draft but a prospect who is lacking in several other regards. He didn't play against great competition at Oregon State and is a below average defender due to his lack of length or elite level athleticism. Still the Knicks need someone fans can get behind and as Steph Curry has definitively proven fans love to root for a shooter.

Update 10:01pm
After one of the wildest first rounds in NBA history with a whopping 21 picks swapping teams over the course of the night the Knicks were very quiet until the second round when they swapped the 8th pick of the second round with the Blazers for 21 year old power forward Caleb Swanigan the one time Purdue star could find himself in a huge spotlight in New York depending on what sort of free agents the big three manage to bring to NYC in the off season.
Posted on April 5, 2018 at 12:14 AM.
"It is my absolute joy to announce the new owners of the New York Knickerbockers Walt Fraizer and Bernard King!" The voice of NBA commissioner Adam Silver's voice broke as he made the announcement to the roaring ovation of an absolutely packed Madison Square Garden. The Mecca was ravenous they needed something to root for after a long summer of sadness.

"Hello New York!" Clyde the glyde's voice was as distinctive as the suit he was wearing a blue and orange paisley number that somewhat resembled the Knicks color scheme.

"I have loved the Knicks my whole life. It was my pleasure to play for this franchise and bring it two world championships during my time here as a player. I have been honored to call Knick games for several years now and am thrilled to take on the mantle of owner replacing our old friend Jimmy Dolan God rest his soul."

The crowd loved it. Clyde was their hero he was a Knicks legend and now he was going to bring back those good times they could feel it.

Bernard King stepped up beside the glyde wearing a much more modern and subdued clean black suit smiled at the crowd. He too was a legend even though he had never captured a championship he had epitomized New York basketball in the eighties and was just the kind of icon fans in New York could get behind.

"How bout those Knicks!" The crowd lost their minds.

"New York we are thrilled, and humbled to be standing in front of you today. We want to take a moment to remember the reason why we are here and say a prayer for the people our Knick family said good bye to a few months ago."

You could hear a pin drop in the arena at that and as Clyde and King bowed their heads the hush was total in the building.

After a long long moment of silence Bernard raised his head and looked out on the crowd.

"New York we are going to bring you a winner. Not this year, probably not next year. These things take time. But we are going to be a championship caliber organization and that begins with a championship caliber head coach. I want to introduce that man to you now. Though you probably already know him. Please help us welcome your New York Knicks head coach Mark Jackson!" If the crowd was going wild before now they absolutely came unhinged as Mark Jackson came trotting from out of the tunnel as he had for so many years in the eighties.

The three men represented the future of the New York Knicks. They would make or break basketball in New York City if they succeeded in bringing the knicks back from the dead it may be that New York could regain its status as the Mecca of basketball. If they failed? Perhaps the city only deserved one basketball team. Perhaps the Knicks should have ended in that plane crash in April.

The answer to that question and many more will come in October when 5 players wearing Knicks Blue and orange take the court in the Garden.
Wednesday, April 4, 2018
Posted on April 4, 2018 at 11:49 PM.
"Kristin wants to sell it isn't your place to say what James would want she is his wife Patrick!" Matt was used to having this particular fight with his cousins he had been the mediator between them and James' widow Kristin for the last 3 months as the world had mourned the loss of an entire professional basketball organization the family of it's owner had descended into chaos.

Patrick and Thomas, James' brothers were fighting tooth and nail to keep the Knicks in the Dolan family but Kristin had no interest in keeping the team and James had left it to her in its entirety. Matt being a lawyer by trade and one of James' closest friends throughout their lives had stepped in to fight for Kristin's right to sell the team. Pat and Tom were arguing that James' legacy was at stake. Kristin was arguing simply that she owned the team now and she had no interest in it and if James had wanted her to keep it he would have told her as much.

"Kristin doesn't give a damn about the Knicks! I grew up on the court, grew up watching this team and someone has to ****ing protect it from her!" Patrick was the more vehement of the two brothers but both were equally stubborn.

"It's not your choice Patrick, nor is it yours Thomas. And it doesn't matter now anyway I've been approached and I've accepted an offer to sell the team." Matt was as shocked as his cousins at this he thought Kristin was waiting for him to line up a buyer.

"Kristin who did you sell to?" Matt turned to her still in shock at her news.

"I sold to a group of people but the group is led by Bernard King and Walt Fraizer. Don't ever assume that just because I want to sell this team that I don't care about it! This was James' passion and I would never auction it off to the highest bidder. Mr. King and Mr. Fraizer are Knick legends I believe right? Will you argue that they don't care about the Knicks either?"

That shut them both up good. Kristin stormed from the room before they had time to muster a response. The Dolan family's time as owners of the Knicks was over. But they would be in good hands Matt could accept that even if Patrick and Thomas couldn't.

Matt followed Kristin out wondering to himself who exactly was going to play for the Knicks next year or if they should play at all. Oh well he thought a problem for the owners to sort out.
Posted on April 4, 2018 at 11:13 PM.
April 11, 2018 will be a day that owns its own dark space in the sports world forever.

The world is in shock over the news that the New York Knicks team plane suffered mechanical failures on its way back from Cleveland to end the season. The engines failed catastrophically as the plane was returning to New York.

The plane was carrying 131 players, coaches, front office personal and support staff in addition to the crew. There were no survivors.

New York Knicks owner James Dolan was also on board when the plane crashed. The NBA has been largely silent on the tragedy as words seem hollow in the face of not just a sports loss but a major loss of life for the whole world to mourn.

President trump tweeted immediately following the crash:

tragic news about the Knicks team plane our thoughts and prayers go out to the players and team family members who are hurting right now. Huge Tragedy.

Players around the NBA have taken to tweeting a knicks logo, a candle, and the hashtag #prayfornewyork.

The question eventually will be what happens to the Knicks. But tonight the question is what will happen to the families. At times like this basketball can wait.

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