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What We Know So Far About Next Gen NBA 2K14(Detailed) 
Posted on November 7, 2013 at 09:51 AM.
So, it's almost that time for a new generation of consoles to hit the shelves and our homes. On November 15th, users will be getting their hands on the Playstation 4, and not very long after, Xbox 1.

One of the most anticipated launch titles on the Operation Sports community is NBA 2K14. Delivering stunning visuals and a brand new engine for next gen platforms called, Ecomotion. 2K hopes to deliver gamers an experience they won't soon forget on their newly appointed consoles.

And with a new game, comes new modes. New to this one is MyGM mode. Taking the basic aspects of your normal Association mode, and magnifying that by 1,000. It's like Association mode on steroids, as said many times by developers, and people who've had a chance to hear details on the mode; But, there is still some confusion surrounding the mode, and I'm here to let you all know, what we already know, in case you didn't know. Get it? Good.

First, I'll start with a simple FAQ about the mode..

Q: Is there 30 team user control
A: No, it has been confirmed that you can NOT control all 30 teams

Q: Will VC be incorporated into this mode?
A: Yes, from the screens we're getting, it looks like VC will be used to upgrade your created GMs abilities.

Q: Will player contracts and business decisions be handled with VC or real money?
A: Based on the screens we've been receiving, everything to do with players, staff and business decisions for your team will be handled with real cash.

Now, those were the 3 most important questions Iv'e seen being asked, and hopefully Iv'e helped clear up any confusion. Now we can get down to the good stuff.

The first screen we saw for MyGM mode was a surprising first tease. We see a created GM, having a sit down with a well dressed, virtual Corey Maggette. Essentially he's being offered a 1.35 Million Dollar Contract (Real Money) to be the sixth man on the Memphis Grizzlies.

What does this tell us?: Well, sitdowns are back (Previously in the 2K5 version of the game) and these look more detailed than ever. Players in suits, coming to your office to negotiate a contract, they can make counter offers now instead of just declining your offer, when you offer them a certain role, it looks like they debate on it, instead of demanding just one role based on their overall. It shows us that you have a team profit, and fan interest. Which could signal dynamic attendance.

And boy, did we ever get more. When 2K released this screen, that's when the flood gates opened, and i'll tell you why.

What does this screen tell us?: Well, for starters it shows us that you can create your own virtual GM, instead of having to use your MyPlayer in the mode, which a ton of people were worried about. It tells us that the dreaded VC has made it's way to this mode, angering a lot of people. You can see that you can choose whatever style GM you want to be. A Broker to be good at trading, Entrepreneur to make sure you succeed in any business endeavors, or a Psychologist to help with this player and staff sit downs. Now, there could be more, we don't know yet, but one thing that's for sure is, we get a discount on upgrades to our style, which means we have to buy upgrades, which means we have to earn VC in this modem to do such.

This made a lot of people in the OS community VERY upset, VC is not a popular feature of the game around here; But only time will tell if their anger is just, or 2K gave us a balanced way of evening everything out when it comes to VC.

Then we got this little dandy, pretty much confirming everyone's predictions about VC being included in the mode.

What this tells us: On the bright side, it looks like a lot of peoples favorite type of feature has made it's way to MyGM Mode. You're able to set prices at the arena for concessions/tickets/souvenirs and maybe other things. We don't know how deep it goes yet, but I do know that it's going to be a pretty cool feature to utilize when you're trying to make money for your team.

Here's my favorite photo of the bunch, mostly because it opens up all types of ideas in this head of mine.

What this tells us: Here we have the GM of the L.A. Lakers, approached by future hall of fame PG, Steve Nash. Looking at Nash's morale, and what he's saying to the GM, he's clearly not happy. He's too old to be on a losing team, he wants to play for a winner, and while he's considered to be a loyal guy, he can't take losing for much longer.

What's cool here is, as a GM, whatever response you give to him will ripple through your organization and the NBA. You could give him a negative response, basically telling him to get over it and man up, a positive response saying you're gonna get the ship turned around and ask him to just wait it out, and i'm assuming that you'll be able to trade him.

Why does this excite me? Have you ever been immersed in your NBA 2K association mode, when you realize there is just NO drama of a real NBA season anywhere to be found? No superstars demanding trades because they're in a small market, or on a bad team. No media asking you questions, no guys coming in and asking for more playing time, none of that. It was dull, boring, no life to it, and it's been that way for awhile now. But with this, this brings drama, this brings life, this brings reality our way. Guys who actually want to care about their team, or what's going on in the NBA, or how are they gonna resign this guy who's upset and wants to leave. It's really fascinating when it boils down to it and I can't wait to see it in action.

Ahhhh, Owners. Your boss in this mode. Yes, they have personalities and traits also.

What this tells me: Each time you play with a different team, it will be a very unique experience. From market size, to money, to fan interest, to owner personality, you'll really be able to tell the difference between the Lakers and a team like the Bucks, just based on ownership.

As you can see from this pic, the Lakers owner has a win now mentality, saying money is no option, just do whatever you have to do to build a winning team, or you could find yourself without a job. Highly accurate representation of Laker owenership. He'll give you free reign and whatever resources you need to make the team a winner, but he will also intervene at a moments notice if he doesn't think you're doing your job right.

This is fantastic. Having to manage the team, and trying to please your owner at the same time is just, wow. Real GMs face this dilemma all the time, and it's cool to see that we'll have to do the same thing!

Our most recent screen shows owner demands and wishlists, and how much VC you'll earn from completing his tasks.

What this tells me: We won't have to do EVERYTHING our owner asks of us, depending on how long their wishlist is. I can only assume that his patience rating will determine how many of his demands you can miss, how long he'll deal with losing seasons, etc. What I want to know is, can you deny his demands? Try to change his mind? I'm sure 2K will fill all that in for us, but for now, this mode is looking better and better each day with every piece of info they release.

Also, it has been confirmed that you can eventually become an owner of a team in this mode! Can't wait to see how that comes about. I hope you all enjoyed this write up, I did my best to try and help out the people who were maybe still in the dark about what's been offered to us so far.
# 1 s1xt6en @ Nov 7
Great write up. thank you!
# 2 fabioprince @ Nov 8
what about the slides?? are customizable? can i choose to turn off trade cpu/cpu? i want to play with real nba roster i hate to see absurd trade... it's possible or this is in finally a fantasy association?
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