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What Drives Me Nuts at Operation Sports 
Posted on August 2, 2009 at 10:16 PM.
1. Immaturity. The constant, unnecessary arguing gets old. Grow up some of you, or quit acting your age. I see more maturity among my third graders.

2. I hate the guy that asks for a thread to be locked when he has nothing to do with the discussion or the flow of the talk really isn't that bad. Move on and leave people alone.

3. It is than not then, they're not there, and you're not your. Plus don't write like you're texting. The butchering of the language.

4. Moderators. I know this is a private site and I am not entitled to first amendment rights, but a lot of moderators must have been picked on adolescents. They abuse their power, and they're rude.

5. The dudes with gawd awful amount of posts that act as if they are gods. I guarantee in my early 20's I wouldn't have had any posts; too busy drinking beer and chasing girls.

6. The biggest: Disrespect. The way some people comment, if done face to face would probably not be made, or result in a punch to the face.

Operation Sports is a great place, a place I visit numerous times daily. A place I have met some great people: Jim416, Knight, RudyJuly, Autumn Wind, Pappy Knuckles, Dlwlfpack, Bigdgp2, avrbas, (a good moderator) WWharton; but for every one of these guys there are 50 guys that are just not cool. There, I got this off my chest, I feel better now.
# 1 Da-Man @ Aug 2
i agree with everything you wrote there man... it's really annoying when threads turn into a constant argument when 2 people don't agree on something. Its like you're not allowed to have an opinion other than theirs.
# 2 marcoyk @ Aug 2
I completely agree.
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