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Madden Memories 
Posted on August 4, 2009 at 10:43 AM.
My first Madden experience came in 1992. I had been dating my wife for a few months, and for some certain circumstances that I won't get into where we both needed a roommate, we began co-habitating. I was going to college, she had already graduated from college and was putting her business degree to work as a manager of a music store. One evening, she brought home as a surprise for me a Super NES and Madden. From that gesture, two things occured: the first was that the Madden video game would become a yearly ritual for me, and two, this girl went from a girl I liked, was living with due to circumstance, had just become the girl I began getting serious feelings (there were other things but for dramatics let's keep to this).

From that edition of Madden to the current date, I have purchased the newest rendition every year. Some years I have loved, some years liked, some years loathed. I tolerated the SNES and Genesis versions; though not real football, it was better than the NFL Challenge game I had been playing on my old 286 PC. It wasn't until the first PS1 edition did I began liking the game. The like turned to love with the introduction of the PS2 versions, however, the love turned back to tolerating in 2003 when I began dabbling with 2k's games; the first year I tried anything else. When 2k went bye bye, and Madden swept into the newest generation of consoles, I actually began loathing the game.

This year, I am counting the days until release. From the demo it looks similar to other games from the recent past, but there is just something there that is getting me excited.

Gosh, I hope I am not disappointed. A yearly ritual that could actually turn into something special, again. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
# 1 DJ @ Aug 4
I'm excited for Madden for the first time in recent memory.
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