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The Miami Heat 
Posted on July 12, 2010 at 04:03 AM.
Now that LeBron James and Chris Bosh have joined D-Wade in Miami there are two issues that come to mind with regards to how I feel about the team and how others are inevitably going to feel about the team. The first is the most apparent, to me at least, and that's the very uneasy feeling that James in a Heat uniform is just not quite right. I never cared for the Cavs, unless they were playing the Heat or it was a playoff game I never made an effort to follow their record or team news. However, to me Lebron in Heat jersey seems really off. I would of been okay with him in a Knicks, or Nets jersey but Chicago and Miami are where I draw the line.

I suppose this is because I grew up a Jordan fan, it was kind of hard not to, my older sister was a Jordan fanatic. Then when he retired (as far as I'm concerned the Wizards never happened) I started following my local team, the Miami Heat, which has obviously been Wade's team the past few years. To be honest I just don't like LeBron wearing my team's jersey. Bosh I can accept because he'd be Wade's Robin so to speak, and partly due to the fact I'd always trade for Bosh in my chise every new NBA 2k. I'm used to him wearing a Heat jersey (#4 though). The Heat's acquisition of LeBron has even made me like the Heat less, and for that I feel some resentment toward James. I'm actually hoping things don't go so well this year and he gets mad and ends up demanding a trade sometime next year so Riley can trade him for a gang of good players or the likes of Kevin Durant (unlikely). I'm almost certain that when I go to Heat games now I'll be cheering for the Heat and not for LeBron.

The other problem I have is having to deal with the negative response I'll likely be getting when choosing the Heat online in NBA 2K11 (if it works). I'm probably going to end up replacing LeBron in the lineup when playing online just for the aforementioned resentment and as a way of maybe lowering the cheapness of picking Miami. I'd imagine the NBA 2K ratings are going to be pretty high regardless of who the Heat get to fill out the rest of the roster.

So to conclude, in a perfect world LeBron would of stayed in Cleveland, Bosh comes to Miami to team up with Wade and the Heat use the remaining salary cap to sign some good roleplayers. Amare going to NY and Boozer going to the Bulls still stands though, glad to see the East getting more competitive.
# 1 turftickler @ Jul 12
I'm glad to see Michael Beasley go to the Minnesota Timberwolves. He was my second favorite player on the Miami Heat. Now after the Le Bron acquisition, I'm afraid that I won't be playing with the Heat any longer and will go back to my T'wolves that I left when Kevin Garnett left for the Celtics.

One this is for sure though. You can bet that just about everyone online will be picking my favorite NBA team "The Miami Heat" this year, which ruins every thing for me. I'm extremely turned off by Le Bron coming to the Heat. I can honestly say that I don't care for Le Bron's arrogant attitude and selfishness. I don't see the Heat don't well this year because of him.
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