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Madden 17 CFM Settings 
Posted on December 12, 2016 at 12:38 AM.
Here's my EXACT set-up for my Chiefs CFM.

**Quick Note: I don't really believe having different sliders/settings on the main menu as opposed to CFM matters... but here's what I did anyway.

Main Menu Settings:
Game Options:
9 minutes
Acc. Clock: off
Game speed: fast
Ball Carrier: manual
All helpers: off

Injuries: 70 (100)
Fatigue: 50
Speed Parity: 50

All 50/On

User Sliders:
ALL AT 49 (Even Special Teams)

CPU Sliders:
ALL AT 51 (Even Special Teams)

Auto Subs:
All Default 60/80

CFM Settings:
League Settings:
Game Speed: fast
9 minutes
Acc. Clock: off

Team Settings/Game Options:
Auto Flip: on
Ball Carrier: manual
All Helpers: off

XP Sliders
T Dawg's

Gameplay Sliders:
All Default Except
User QB Accuracy: 45
User Interceptions: 33
CPU Interceptions: 28
(CPU Run Blocking: 53)
Special Teams:

Game Options:
Injuries: 51
Fatigue: 51
Speed Thresh: 51

Off.& Def.Holding: 52
All Default Except:
HB IN: 83
HB OUT: 77

House Rules:
No-Switch Defense (Actually I just play as one player all year Eric Berry this time)

Only X Button Off. Plays in 1st Quarter.
Only Square Button Off. Plays in 2nd Quarter.
Only Triangle Button Off. Plays in 3rd Quarter.
All Three Button Off. Plays in 4th/OT.
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