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Cannot Wait!!! 
Posted on August 8, 2011 at 12:13 AM.
Madden 12 is the first football game I have been exited for in a long time, I was exited for Madden 06 for 360 when the 360 first came out, but was let down. This is going to finally be the first TRUE next-gen football game we all have been waiting for.
# 1 RUFFNREADY @ Aug 8
I want soo much to get hyped up as you on the MAdden12 front but, it's getting hard for me to throw those eggs in a basket anymore with EA's track record. NCAAfootball12 and it's bugs are killing the game; and let's face it, Madden12 runs off the same engine, so i dont see too much being different between NCAA12 and Madden12 gameplay wise. Of course there are going to be the team(s) entrances and other little presentation bits that will look great, but the gameplay will look the exact same as NCAA12, from two hit tackles, runningback animations, catching animations, but on the licensed NFL players. I really hope the demo blows me away; because if it doesnt, i dont think there is going to be a big rush for Madden12 at the stores this year. just my opinion.
# 2 die2cry @ Aug 8
I can not hear it anymore! Madden is just a ****ing game!! it will never look like on TV, there will always be some errors!!because it is a game!!!! also EA can not please everybody anyway, because everyone likes something different, I personally canīt for madden 12 because it is the best football game!
# 3 Last_Chapter @ Aug 8
Madden is just a game but i'll wait till I play it. Im not crowning it best Madden ever before it touch it. Everything looks good but if its buggy like NCAA 12 i may pass up Madden again.
# 4 DaggerSwagger @ Aug 8
this is a response to die2cry...what makes madden the best football game? it's the "ONLY" football game....
# 5 bigdipper88 @ Aug 8
I believe this years version will deliver, but not sure why ya called it next gen..think ya meant current gen
# 6 Uncle Way @ Aug 9
Don't get too excited.. You set your expectations too high and you'll definitely be disappointed..
# 7 Galarius @ Aug 10
it will not be as good as NCAA...i think NCAA benefits from being a bit 'under the radar' of the EA executives, Madden is their #1 cash cow(along with FIFA, but it is too International of a game for them to even know what to do with, ha ha) and I think the suits at EA exert too much influence on madden in order for it to ever be a truly hardcore football sim...looks like it will be ok, but not great
# 8 BRxSKINSx @ Aug 11
I'm no Madden fan....but i have friends and online gaming friends who are....and even though they've taken steps toward trying to make Madden out to be this awesome's not....even my friends who are die hard Madden freaks are sick and tired of the same old stuff with Madden....NCAA is better than Madden will be this year....If not for the strangle hold they have on the NFL rights.....Madden wouldn't even be talked about....2k would blow them outta the water like they did with 2k5....and how NBA 2k did/does Live/Elite.....
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