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NBA following suit! 
Posted on February 17, 2009 at 10:23 PM.
Add NBA to the list for EA Sports (joining us and FIFA) publicly coming out and saying 'no more gimmicks...just gameplay'. Gotta love it!
# 1 KingsRock91 @ Feb 17
Ian is the EA trendsetter it looks like.
# 2 Shinyhubcaps @ Feb 17
Anyone else feel a little Déjà vu coming on?

I'll believe this one when I see it...
# 3 rspencer86 @ Feb 18
I'm with you, Shiny. Until EA actually delivers a product that backs up all of its pre-release talk, I'll be skeptical.

With that said, I am optimistic about EA's new approach. All of the added features and "gimmicks" don't mean a damn thing if the core gameplay isn't solid. I think EA is finally starting to understand that.
# 4 thudias @ Feb 18
yeah I 'm rooting for you all t back it up. If not this could get really ugly.
# 5 rudyjuly2 @ Feb 18
That was a good read. NBA is #3 for me but I bought Live '09 for the first time in years after Christmas.
# 6 ngoulding @ Feb 18
I guess FIFA's incredible sales made Ian's pitch to focus on gameplay a lot easier. Nothing makes directors more susceptible to change than proof that it can produce a goldmine!
# 7 asu666 @ Feb 18
The only back of the box feature I want to see is "If it's in the game, it's in the game". EA seemed to lose it's way on that mission for a number of years.
# 8 raidersbball20 @ Feb 18
EA is heading in the right direction
# 9 kiddlex @ Feb 18
Sounds great Ian & Co. Now when you say joining Fifa and Madden does that mean NCAA Football hasn't hopped on the sim bandwagon?
# 10 ennepetal @ Feb 18
Read my lips, NO NEW GIMMICKS!

Famous last words, cowboy. Good luck with that.
# 11 TheTodd84 @ Feb 19
Ok, Ian, if NBA is following suit and that was a great article and they are going to great lengths with the small details like sneakers, tattoos, and all the jerseys, then Madden should have EVERY SINGLE facemask worn last year, and all the jerseys and accessories. But, I doubt they will have all of the cool riddell revolution facemasks. Now, again, I know it is nitpicking and a lot ppl don't care about that, but if NBA live is going to great lengths for the "basketball-heads" then Madden needs to go to great lengths for the football-heads as well and deliver on the small details. But, blocking and tackling needs to be addressed first, haha.
# 12 BlyGilmore @ Feb 19
Honestly Todd I would put "facemasks and accessories" in the "worry about it after game play is 100 percent up to snuff" bucket. That stuff is nice to have, but you need to nail game play first or it doesn't matter.
# 13 adembroski @ Feb 19
Bly Gilmore... right 85.7% of the time. Listen to the man.
# 14 MelMan1486 @ Feb 19
After years of hype and similar talk followed by dissapointment I will believe it when I see it... not bashing EA but it it's hard to take these statements seriously, I'm hoping you prove me wrong and deliever a game I can buy instead of rent and take back after 2 days
# 15 BlyGilmore @ Feb 20
actually top scientists at NASA have calculated that I am right 87.6 percent of the time ...

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