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Where did Ian go? Stuck
Posted on February 3, 2010 at 05:09 PM.
Just to respond officially...

I truly am sorry if people feel like we 'lied'. It's never our intent to create blogs as a way to trick people...that would do nothing for us but create mis-trust among our hardcore other words there is no reason to fake it and "hype" the community to increase sales because the amount of people we're talking to isn't that large. Development is always a spinning wheel, and sometimes things fall off or don't come together perfectly. We knew that all along that by publicly interacting we ran this risk, and it's unfortunate that some people feel that they were "duped" when our only goal all along was just to toss ideas out there and get feedback on how to make them better.

As for me/us disappearing, I'd like to clarify that I didn't really disappear from the community, I just chose to stop posting on OS. I've mentioned this before, but it was just too much of a personal toll. I put everything I had into M10, including constant 80-100+ hour weeks, so to visit a location where I just read nothing but negativity for that work just was ruining my personal life. I actually even let everyone know that statement in the supporter's forum figuring it would filter out. I continued to stay very active on Twitter so it's not like I tried to run and hide, I just chose to not expose myself to all the heat. Many folks may say I should have just sucked it up and had thicker skin...believe me I wish I could...but it just wasn't happening. I want more than anything to keep the interaction going, but I couldn't sacrifice my personal life and well-being to do so. The thing is, I don't want people to "change" on this site either. If you hate a game with every fiber of your being and want to discuss it with other sports game fans, then I don't want a developer being around to interfere with that - this site is amazing and a great place for people to discuss any number of topics. So in that respect I guess I disagree with the original post - if you aren't happy with the game, then I don't feel like it's really anyone's call to say "don't go too hard on the devs"...because hell that's your right as a consumer. But I guess that the moral of the story is that us developers living directly in the "lions den" was just not something that was really sustainable (or healthy).

We're continuing to try and find the best way to get helpful feedback from the community, and we'll keep everyone up to date through numerous locations (Twitter, blogs, etc) as we make improvements here. We blazed some trails last year and innovated in community interaction as much as we did in the game, and we want to continue to improve and blaze more trails.
# 1 CreatineKasey @ Feb 3
I'm still playing Madden religiously.... for the first time ever. In fact, I'm part of the most active league on this website (the ACQB or "Armchair QB's"). We created a fully functional offseason system. If you ever want a summary of it feel free to ask and we'll do our best to present it clearly and concisely. It may help give you an idea of what worked for us and why it was fun.
# 2 GoToledo @ Feb 3
It was great to have you here, Ian, but I understand why you are pulling back. 2010 was the first year ever that I had more fun with Madden than NCAA (as I am a hardcore NCAA guy).

Great job on Madden 10 and keep it up. Looking forward to your next blog.
# 3 seriousluboy83 @ Feb 3
It's good to hear from you Ian...I just wanna say I started playing football games when Madden 05 and 2k5 came out...and I've been playing madden ever since...I recently purchased APF 2K8...yesterday to be exact...and I must say...the gameplay...depth of options...pass rush...blocking and overall whole aspect of APF 2K8 towers over Madden 10 IMO...except for the graphics...but everything else is damn near perfect to "What We See On Sudays"...I'm not saying copy 2K's style or anything but for Madden 11 to be called "SIM" at least two aspects of 2K need to be added...Better Physics And Better Logic...I speak for alot of ppl when I say I felt lied to this year...I thought this year would be "THE" year but to no avail...Madden was another failure in my book...I really wish I knew the direction in which you guys were trying to go but I feel like if I knew I'd be very dissapointed...with that said i hope you guys get it right with Madden 11...and to clearify I'm not trying to bash/harass you in your return I'm just trying to get a point across w/o hurting feelings
# 4 denverbro89 @ Feb 3
I read what a lot of people sat some of is just hate blogging with no solution, but some people do have really good thoughts and ideas about where Madden could be with a little tweaking here and there. I would scrap Superstar mode to start things off, I'm no tech wizard, but I'm guessing that would increase the capabilities of all the other functions in the game.
# 5 Gusto1 @ Feb 3
You got to get tougher Ian if you are being serious im willing to bet you laughing counting the thousands of dollars you made off of this game. If im wrong my bad but you will never get the repsect you seek from hardcore football fans until you face 2k head to head becuase there will always be that what if factor.
# 6 DIESEL @ Feb 3
Sad to see you go Ian.

I have faith that you will still be scouring these boards for feedback, but I really think your sacrificing the "greater good" that your presence here had.

I know I personally bought this game this year because it was the first time EVER I felt like the creators of Madden were listening to their customers.

We asked for a lot and you delivered on as much as you could. When things couldn't be done you were able to explain why not. Those of us you actually read what you told us had realistic expectations and I think were for the most part pleased at the progress the game was making. And even more excited to where it was headed.

Going back to the days of being the man behind the curtain is going to be difficult for the community to accept and personally I feel is a huge mistake.

I'm not in your shoes so I cannot tell you how to react to all the haters. But you are getting paid to make Madden. Most of these trolls are sitting in their underwear dedicating their lives to playing this game they hate with a passion. I'm not sure how those people's opinions could get to you the way they did, but then again I'm not in your shoes.

Let me end this rant. The vast majority of us here appreciate all your communication with us and appreciate how hard you have worked on the game. You gotta do whatever feels right.

Good luck Ian.
# 7 boxboy99 @ Feb 3
ACQB 4 Life Ian! It is amazing, if you ever get a time in those 80-100 hours weeks you should check the thread out. There is some great football strategy discussions in regards to how it relates to Madden in the thread. Madden 10 was finally a step in the right direction for current gen and I can't wait to see what you guys have in store for M11! Keep your head up!
# 8 reo @ Feb 3
Don't listen to them Ian. Keep doing what you're doing . . .
# 9 taqiyya @ Feb 3
This is the first madden in a Very Long time I did not trade in within the 2 months or so of purchase. Ya the game is not perfect but man it is really fun for me this year. I play this game mostly online. I have gotten into the franchise but it does not do it for me.

I just wanted to join in and say thank you for the hard work you put in this past year. I believe if you continue with the same passion and goals with this year's Madden I think we are all in for a treat :-). Do not late the haters get you down bro. No matter what you do in life, Job,sports,heck even going to church,there will be always somebody that hates the way you play,hates the way you do your job, hates the church you go to and so on. Myself I use the hate to fuel my fire and desire to accomplish my goals. Later for those turkey man and keep doing what you do..
# 10 stlstudios189 @ Feb 4
Ian you guys delivered on so many levels this year. Madden 11 is going to be freaking amazing. some little things need to be addressed: presentation, IR, practice squad, CPU personal moves. I am sure that these are not as easy as people make it out to be. Please still filter some info across these boards this season.
# 11 dougdeuce @ Feb 4
Dude, the interaction on '10 here at OS was amazing. I guarantee if you saw these people that bash you face to face 2 things would happen.
1. they wouldn't bash you.
2. you would laugh your *** off seeing who these people are.

Anyway, thanks for the hard work and keep it up. Only 6 more months until '11 drops.
# 12 TreyIM2 @ Feb 4
First off, let me address Gusto1 - WTF are you talking about and how old are u? "You got to get tougher Ian if you are being serious im willing to bet you laughing counting the thousands of dollars you made off of this game." WTF is that garbage about? See, little naive minded people just think life is so simple, and think the devs are just trying to "get that dough". I've said a few times around the net that the actual DEV TEAMS dev games because it's something they love to do, at the core. Now the politics of "Corporate America" is a different story which you probably know nothing about. The devs are limited by top brass and don't have complete autonomy to just dev games EXACTLY the way the would like to.

Do you even KNOW what it's like to work you @$$ off to complete something, sacrificing your life AND sanity, to only get it trashed by many of those you are trying to please? Dude, you obviously have NO CLUE cuz the way you come off, it speaks a bunch and that goes to most of you talking that non-sense - ISH like that hurts, period! I bet YOU get all bent out of shape when someone you know shows NO appreciation for something you've done for them.
Ian is not talking about some little small circle of people he's trying to please like you may have to do with your little friends. He has to deal with trying to satisfy MILLIONS to the best of his ability and when many of you have the audacity to come with some of the overwhelming negative things to say about something he poured his heart and soul into, u don't think that's upsetting??? No more words for you.

Ian - I can say "keep your head up" til the cows come home but I can identify with your feelings and that phrase means little when dealing with situations like these. If you remember, I gave praise AND constructive criticism on the game. I look forward, as always, to the next iteration of Madden and I understand why you "fell back" from this website. Do what you got to do and understand that Madden 10 was another stepping stone toward an even greater Madden 11. Build on the positives and correct the negatives and, hopefully, the tech will get better so you can fix the things that you couldn't, initially. I appreciate ALL your efforts and understand the nature of the technical beast as I am IT, myself. Best of luck to you, Ian.
# 13 bigsmallwood @ Feb 4
Ian, the best of luck to you and the crew....I look forward to seeing the fruits of your labor later this year. God Bless.
# 14 navygoat1998 @ Feb 4
I enjoyed Madden 09 and have had a blast with Madden 10. I am looking forward to Madden 11. Ian thanks for the hard work!!!!!

# 15 edaddy @ Feb 4
I can respect that Ian..In my opinion you have done a great job with Madden..(especially implementing that broadcast cam)..As others have stated this is the first Next gen Madden that I have stuck with more than 2 weeks..and I actually bought this game..Lol..While it isnt perfect I can see that it is a step in the right direction which for me is straight sim and immersion..If the negative comments started affecting your health family life etc by al means that is justification to stay away from these boards..If you do decide to come back what you have to do is remember that there are five sets of posters on Os regarding Madden and Ncaa.The ones who will hate it no matter what is improved..The ones who will hate it because of 2K and the license..The ones who will praise it at all costs no matter what the final product is like..The ones who will praise it because of the "I want to be part of EA community day" agenda..and finally th open and objective posters who can see the good and the bad and will make strategic, unbiased, and productive posts regarding NCAA and Madden..this would also include constructive criticism..The last ones are the ones you should be concerned about as those are the ones who truly care about the game...I stay away from certain posters opinions regarding Madden because there history dictates there agenda...I also tend to look for certain posters regarding Maden because of there unbiased opinion and constructive praise AND criticism...You can take it for what its worth ..

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