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Denver Broncos Draft 
Posted on April 26, 2009 at 01:28 AM.
Yikes, i cant honestly say things have gone from bad to worse.

I sat here at my home for days after being laid off, looking forward to the NFL draft in hopes it would bring me out of this depressed slump.
There i sat, in my John Elway jersey and bronco pajama pants drooling over the fact that teams pass up on Brian Orakpo. The 12th pick comes, my palms begin to sweat. Here comes goodell and he says we took MORENO?! WTF?

I know Moreno is considered the best RB in the draft, but did we not just go out and spend money on 3 RB's this offseason? WTH was McDaniels thinking? There we have Orakpo on the board, fallen all the way down, and we pass on him to take a friggin running back?

With our defense in shambles, and every team in the league picking us apart through the air and running us over with the RB's the best we do is a RB? Could we not have taken Orakpo with the 12th, Ayers with the 18th and Shaun greene from Iowa in the 3rd or trade up to get him early in the 4th if he was to slip there? Or could we have just taken Orakpo with the 12th and chris wells with the 18th?

God, and dont get me started with that stupid trade we made in the second round with the Hawks. Giving them a 1st for a 5'9 CB that will more than likely get killed over the top, when we could have gotten a HUGE DT in Ron Brace and be one step closer to solidifying our front 3?

I really dont know what the coaches are looking at when it comes to our d-line. God help the Denver Broncos
# 1 Alai @ Apr 26
I'm a Seahawks fan(living in Seattle), and when I heard about the trade I nearly fell off my chair. I was happy but then I was thinking what in the world is Denver thinking? Giving us 1st round pick next year for this year's 2nd rounder? I've never even seen anything like that in any draft.

Oh well, great job on draft day and Go Seahawks!
# 2 thudias @ Apr 26
Have fun with Josh Mc D....
# 3 St3fN_sTrApS @ Aug 28
I definately thought we were gonna get my boy Orakpo, I was super excited. After they announced Moreno, instead of Orakpo, my mouth just dropped. I don't think I ever swore at the tv as much as I did that day ha ha. I think Alphonso Smith will do good, just don't agree with trading away a first round pick to get him. Hopefully we made the right choice. We'll see, GO BRONCOS!!!!!
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