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My console experiences over the years 
Posted on June 1, 2009 at 03:27 PM.
PS1-2-3? XBOX-360? Wii? NES? Super NES? Sega Gensis-Dreamcast?

Unlike most people that compare these systems, i actually own or have owend all and have spent PLENTY of hours on all of them to get a grasp of what they have for everyone.

To start out, i have been a Nintendo boy pretty much all of my life. I remember my first system ever being the original NES. I remember staying over at my babysitters when i was 5 and seeing mario 2 for the first time. I always asked her son to play it and teach me how to play for myself. I can never forget how mad he got each time i asked, like he never wanted to play it himself. Why own a game system if you dont plan on ever playing it? From that point forward, i was a gamer...but i didnt even know it. After that i asked my mom where i could get a nintendo of my own, she replied "when you get a job". For 2 years i played everyone elses nintendos and game boys to feed my thrill.

Then i turned 7, everyday me and my parents pssed by hollywood video and i would think to myself "pull in and rent a super nintendo". Some days i got my wish and some days i didnt. I just remember getting excited and running into the store and grabbing the console off of the holding racks, and racing over to the games and picking out the ones that had the coolest covers.

On my 8th b-day is when i finally got my own super nes, and to my parents displeasure...i was the happiest kid ALIVE. I dont remember much of those days as they were a blurr of cartoons and other things, but i do remember madden football and my quest to score 100 points in a single game, and my struggles with Super Mario Bros.

My first hand held was a game boy color, and how could i forget all the times i had to ask my mom to take me to the store so i could get some batteries. I was addictted to Pokemon games for some odd reason, and those were the only games i ever owned for my GBC.

I got my first sega genesis when i was 10 i think, and that was only because my town finally got sega channel. I was happy to say the least because i didnt have my SNES anymore, i forgot what happened to it this day. When i got sega channel, i was told by the cable guy that it wouldnt work 100% of the time, and that was because i was far away from the cable station and the signal was weak. To sum it up from my memories, me and my mom beat ren and stimpy along with beavis and

When i turned 12 i was once again without a console for some reason again that i dont remember. Me and my dad were traveling down a road in denver heading towards the store when i saw a yard sale, and begged him to pull over. To my suprise, there was a NES sitting there and i demaded my dad get it for me lol. He did to my suprise and i again had another console. The very next day, he came home with Bases Loaded and Blades of steel for NES and i spent the next year....yes i said year playing that and metal gear for NES.

When i was 13, i heard about the N64 through friends at school sinc ei didnt have a computer, let alone the internet. I caught on when i heard nintendo was going to be the makeer and i couldnt wait to get one for myself. X-mas came and low and be hold i got a 64, goldeneye.

I hated sony and pretty much stayed away from the Playstation when it first came out. I can remember the times i would hang out with my 2 friends that had a playstation and i remember telling them how crappy it looked compared to the 64. I didnt know much about consoles at that time, but i knew all i could see was jagged lines and blury backgrounds. I stuck to my guns and defended Nintendo against all my friends at school that boasted about how their playstations games held more content than catridges. I first found this out by playing WWF Warzone on N64 and notcing it had less songs than my buddies version on playstation...i was pissed. Needles to say, i still carried on defending nintendo as any true fan would, only to fall its grasp in 2001 when i got a PSone and NHL 2001 for $120. I dont know why i bought one, it was when i had my first job wokring at Coors Field in my hometown of denver. I think it was becaus ei was tired of being ot of the loop to say the least...but i do regret buying it because i sold it to buy games for my xbox a mere 6 months later.

X-mas of 2001 was when i got my Xbox...and man it changed everything for me. I didnt like the gamecube bcause of its design and i heard it will be geared towards kids more than anything. That X-mas night i got my console and nfl fever 2001, along with a 13 year old 30 inch tv...which was better than the 20 inch i had I bought Halo a month later when NO one knew it was bad-***. I played though that games dozens of time, mainly due to the fact i only owned that game and 6 months went buy, and i got a hardware failure and didnt have the $100 to get it fixed.

Another 5 months passed and i traded in my Xbox towards...a game cube...the ugly cube and a brand new copy of madden 04. To my suprise, i actually enjoyed the cube. Playing Madden 04, Star wars rouge squadron and all he marios i couldnt beleive what i have missed out on.

------ Part 2 i will do if i feel people want to read more---------
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Interesting read, even if your profile pic sucks
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